Why You Need to Get on That Cape Trend ASAP

THE CAPE BLAZER. That kinda weird suit jacket with missing sleeves that rules wardrobes with elegance and power. It really is the perfect trend for those days when you want to unleash your inner superhero (because you are beautiful and can accomplish anything, girl!). 

What is the Cape Trend?

Cape Blazers aren’t new to the fashion scene; they’ve actually been trending for the past couple of years. Their popularity rose in part because of the distinct “draped” look, in which ladies would hang their coat or jacket over their shoulders. Very gorgeous – but not very functional, being that as soon as you reached your arms up, the jacket would slump off. You might as well just have T-Rex arms! (haha!).

The cape blazer offers that same elegant drapery, but with arm freedom. And, these aren’t just for chilly weather seasons. They can literally be styled to be worn year-round. 

Despite being known largely as a type of women’s suit jacket, cape blazers are not just prone to only serve as office attire. You can take this sophisticated staple from day to night by pairing it with a lace top underneath and jeans.  Below is a video demonstrating switching up looks using the cape trend.

Here’s how to style three different tops with one black cape blazer!

Cape blazers also look great worn over dresses as well. They add instant classy vibes for any endeavor, whether it is a wedding, date night, brunch, barbecue, work event, or dinner with the girls.  

I found my first cape blazer (black in color, and made by Free Press) while shopping at a Nordstrom Rack during a getaway in New York. It was such a different piece compared to my normal blazers, so I had to have it! I feel like it is a very daring piece, yet leaves a lasting impression.

Cape Blazer Suggestions

Really, Cape blazers can be worn year-round! Other terms for this trend might be “jacket poncho” or “jacket cape”. I’ve rounded up a couple I think you will absolutely love!

What do you think about the cape blazer trend? Have you worn it already? Or if not, do you plan on getting one (or two) to add to your wardrobe? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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