What You Should Wear to a Brewery

brewery outfit idea and inspiration

Headed to the brewery and wondering what to wear? For a fun day of beer tasting, style certainly comes into play, but so does functionality!

Dress for a Relaxed, Chill Vibe

Where I live here in the greater Philadelphia area, breweries are the thing. Over the past several years they have been popping up left and right. They have become the first choice for a night out for me and the rest of my 30-something friend circle. And I don’t mean just having a beer and heading home. We literally make a whole night of it – hopping from brewery to brewery.

That being said, I want to mention that breweries are a whole other atmosphere compared to your typical bar scene! They are more of a homey, hang-out-in-the-backyard type of place. Each one has a unique, playful vibe, so the seating arrangements vary.

Seating may be any of the following:

  • a barrel of hay
  • a high top table
  • picnic table
  • adirondack chairs
  • metal dining chairs

You can Google the atmosphere ahead of time to see what kind of vibe you will be stepping into, and then choose that to wear to the brewery based on that.

For example, say you wear a dress, but the seating arrangement is a picnic table. It would be really annoying to climb into and out of the picnic table with a dress on.

This is just my food for thought! I am all about having the best comfort, even as a fashion lover. (Please give me all the outfits 😍)

Brewery Outfit Inspiration: Ideas for What to Wear

A little inspiration always helps me pick out the best outfits, so I put together these looks below for you to get your ideas flowing! You’ll be able to figure out what to wear to the brewery with no problem!

*If you purchase from any of the links below, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Jumpsuit or Romper

A woman holds a beer wearing a green military strapless romper

Biker Shorts

Jogger Pants


What NOT to Wear to a Brewery

When we drink beer, it makes our stomachs expand, causing us to bloat. Therefore, I recommend wearing clothes to the brewery that will allow you to be comfortable but also express your awesome personality.

Stray away from wearing constricting clothing around your abdomen. You will be happy later when you are digesting that yummy hops concoction in your tummy, feeling no pressure!

That’s not to say that you can’t wear any tight clothing at all! It is all up to you and what makes you most happy! But, I am writing this from my own experience. And well, I do love a fresh, cold craft beer!

A romper is one option for what to wear to a brewery

I hope you have the best time at the brewery! Let me know what you wound up wearing – I’d love to see!

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walking away in a utility romper

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