The Petite Wide Leg Jeans for the Perfect Fit

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I’ve haven’t seen wide-leg jeans be THIS popular since 2004-2007, when I was in high school! I just had to have a pair of my own! But, as a petite woman, finding jeans that fit perfect is a challenge.

I know I am not the only short gal in the market for jeans with oversized pant legs, so I did some research to find the best ones for you! If you are vertically challenged like I am (hello 👋 five feet tall over here!) us ladies SHOULD be able to buy a pair of jeans without having to freakin’ hem them every. single. time.

Stylish baggy jeans that fit perfect. That’s the goal! Check these ones out.

*If you purchase from any of the links below, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Where to Buy Petite Baggy Jeans

American Eagle

American Eagle has always been my ultimate jeans heaven. I never go wrong when I shop their “short” sizing. So far I have purchased their boyfriend jean, and two of their skater jeans, all with that trendy loose fit.



One brand with exquisite petite sizing is Anthropologie. They have a great selection of wide-leg jeans in their roster!



According to Fashion Editor Dena Silver, from her article “The 12 Best Jeans for Short Women, According to a Fashion Editor” on PureWow, J.Crew has perfect jeans for petite ladies. This pair is an absolute classic baggy jean.


Banana Republic

I found that Banana Republic’s wide-leg jean in their petite sizing has fantastic reviews! Many of their buyers mentioned that the garment fits true to size. I just love the dramatic look of the oversized fabric on the legs!



ASOS has the most variety of petite wide-leg jeans compared to other retailers, all at affordable pricing. Here’re some that you’ll fall immediately in love with!


I hope you were able to find the perfect petite wide-leg jeans for your closet! I own about four pairs, and I am stoked for fall to arrive (but of course, not too fast! lol) so I can style these blue jean babies! Philly lady…blogging for demand? (I don’t know, I just felt like rhyming to Elton John 🤣)

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