Shrink One of Your Clothes in the Dryer? Try This!

So I bought this cute neutral colored knit cropped top from Windsor a few weeks ago, and absolutely loved it! But of course, I had to wash it first! My husband helps me with my laundry sometimes (isn’t he cute!!) and he unfortunately threw it in the dryer, causing it to shrink! The newest addition to my clothes 😱! My cute crop top is now looking like a knit bra! How disappointing! It absolutely sucks when your clothes shrink in the dryer.

Toss It or Keep It?

At first I was annoyed, but then I thought, hey, I think I can still wear this! I’m always thinking about how to be more sustainable when it comes to my closet. Rather than donate it, I looked up some styling ideas for knit bralettes. I figured that just because clothes shrink in the dryer sometimes, it doesn’t mean it has to be completely tossed!

I found this amazing “Look” that I loved by fashion influencer @Vitaliia that featured an oversized white button down with jeans and a bra worn over the shirt. I loved it and wanted to give it a try! Using a few items from my closet, I recreated the same look – but with the knit-crop-top-now-turned-bralette.

I was feeling it! I was so excited that I could still get perfect use out of my knit that was accidentally shrunk. How does it look?

Showing how clothes that shrink in the dryer can be re-used

Experimenting with Clothes That Shrink in the Dryer

So, moral of the story…

Give your clothes that shrink in the dryer a second chance! You may be able to wear it as a complete different piece, or be able to style it another way. For example, a shrunken sweater that is now too tiny could be turned into leg warmers. Just take off the sleeves and slip them on!

I encourage you to play with the piece to see if you can re-invent the outfit you initially had in mind when you bought it.

I do plan on keeping my knit bralette the way it is, despite it being “ruined”. I see it as a symbol of making something good out of something bad that happened. (In this case, a literal fashion blunder).

Look Up Ways to Unshrink Clothes

There are some hacks you can try to unshrink your clothing – but who has the time for that? As a wife and full time office administrator, I certainly don’t…but if you want to give it a shot, definitely go to Pinterest and search “shrink clothes”.

A number of informative blog posts will pop up for you to check out.

Did you ever shrink your clothes in the dryer? If so, what did you do with them?

Styled Knit Tank Top


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