Seaside New Jersey Boardwalk Clothing Stores to Visit

When I think of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, those witty, bold graphic hoodies and sweatpants come straight to mind, thanks to the hit reality show we all know and love: Jersey Shore.

You know what I’m talking about: those fresh-off-the-press graphic sweats that either spell out phrases like “I love my crazy husband” or display souvenir-oriented logo prints that display images like adirondack chairs perched beneath a sunset over the ocean.

While those custom graphic items are fun and cozy to wear, (I love mine!) their association with Seaside tends to overshadow some of the gorgeous coastal fashion that this famous beach town has to offer.

There are several lovely clothing boutiques on the boardwalk that are absolutely worth a browse in addition to the custom graphic shops!

Where to Shop at the Seaside New Jersey Boardwalk

Some are very chic and upscale, while others are more like a one-stop beach department store.

From my experience shopping on the boardwalk this past May, I can tell you that these cute little boutiques carry a great find for every kind of fashionista!

These are just four of them that I strolled into! I really wanted to just buy everything!


The boutiques featured in this video are:

  1. Vintage Anchor Boutique – @VintageAnchor
  2. Shoreline Apparel – @Shorelineapparelnj
  3. Clothing Accessories & Souvenirs Sunset Beach
  4. Sand Tropez

Other clothing stores on the Seaside Heights, New Jersey boardwalk worth checking out are:

  • Island Soul Clothing & Gifts
  • Beach Paradise

These are the stores I recommend for shopping stylish finds.

The others are nice too, but they are mostly custom print designs made to order on the spot, or graphic clothing items.

Beach Fashion for Every Budget on the Boardwalk

Do you have a shopping budget while visiting the beach?

A couple of these boutiques are a little pricey and on the luxury side, while others are more reasonable. While staying in Seaside, New Jersey, you will definitely be able to find something you love within your preferred price range.

As I walked the boardwalk, I noticed many of the clothing stores put out sale racks to draw in passersby.

They definitely catch your attention with signs like “THIS RACK $10” perched above an array of dangling summer pieces. You just might find a perfect bargain for you!

Or, you may find something you want to splurge on in the high-end boutiques – SO many amazing unique pieces!

When I was perusing through the displays, the tags read somewhere between $100 – $200 for a garment.

There is definitely something for every budget and every style at the New Jersey boardwalk! Will you be visiting Seaside soon? Drop a comment below!

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