Revamp Your Personal Style with These 5 Tactics

Are you feeling like your personal style game is a little “blah”? That’s okay, I think it happens to all of us. We go through different phases in our lives that spark the need for a wardrobe evaluation. The important thing is to be happy with yourself and how you look – at all times. Even when your hair is a mess and you are just trying to run some quick errands!

I love re-purposing pieces in my closet for different looks, but even I lose inspiration! Sometimes I run out of ideas or have changed my lifestyle, and my wardobe needs a pick-me-up. For example, I started being active to get fit for my wedding. But after my wedding was over, I still continued my active lifestyle. That led me to need more functional workout pieces that allowed me to express myself. So, I did a little research and did a number of things to make this happen, which I’ll talk about next!

Whatever the reason, you are here because you are looking to enhance or revamp your personal style. So lets’ jump right into it!

5 Ways To Identify Your Personal Style

If you are trying to mold your personal style or enhance your wardrobe, or even looking for more outfit inspiration, here are five tactics that I think will be very helpful!

1. Evaluate the colors you love to wear.

Do you tend to lean more towards lovely pastels, or prefer crisp whites and tans? Favorite colors can tell you a lot about yourself. A bold, chic style may showcase bright red hues, while a modern, street look may don a palette of creams. Make a list of all the colors you gravitate towards. For me, it was an array of bright shades such as yellow, red, blue and purple. Use your colors when envisioning your wardrobe.

2. Consider your lifestyle.

Your daily endeavors have everything to do with your style. For example, if you work in an office, you will need business casual outfits that properly showcase your personality. Or, if you are on a weight-loss journey, you will need athleisure that conveys your fun character. Whatever your routine may be, your personal style should reflect it. Take a minute to write down your daily activities and what those outfits would be. Then look to build those outfits to figure out what you already have, and what you might need. Once you have down what you need, you can shop for those specific clothing or accessory staples.

3. Take a Fashion Quiz

I suggest taking one of these quizzes, which will help you identify what your style personality may be. Just don’t take them too literal – sometimes you can be more than one style type.  For example, my style type is both edgy and glam. (Always got to have a little sparkle in my look for the day). It’s a fun, interactive way to figure out your unique style!

4. Try a Style Subscription Box

So I actually really love these! I have used Stitchfix and Trendsend by Evereve. You can sign up and take a style quiz, pick how often you’d like to receive a box, and BAM you are good to go. A stylist will look at your profile and send you curated packages just for you. I have obtained an array of awesome pieces that I wouldn’t have picked myself from these services. Sometimes I’ll but just one piece from the box, and other times I purchase the whole box (depending on what I need or what I like).

The cool thing about it is that if you do purchase the whole box, there’s a 10% to 20% discount on the entire order. There may be a styling fee of $20 for each curated box you receive, but hey, in my opinion, the personal styling can be worth it. Just make sure to communicate with your stylist and tell them what you like, need, or want by writing notes in your online dashboard.

5. Get Personal Style Inspiration from Social Media 

Style inspiration nowadays can be found at the tap of a finger via social media. I recommend searching fashion themed hashtags and saving your favorite looks using Instagram and Pinterest. A few hashtags you might search would be #OOTD (means outfit of the day), #instafashion, #casualoutfits, #IGStyle (means Instagram style), #minimalfashion, and #lookoftheweek.  

The idea is that later on, you can review what you saved and base your closet around that. YouTube and TikTok are also fantastic platforms for obtaining style inspo, although I personally am not on these channels a whole lot. (But, I might start soon!)

Side Note: If you are not familiar with Pinterest or Instagram, both of these platforms allow you to “save” images for later so that you can go back to them when you need them. Instagram also has a feature where you can literally follow hashtags aside from other accounts. Follow your favorite fashion hashtags (one of mine is #avantgardefashion) and see them pop up in your feed!

You can find your personal style by signing up for subscription boxes, saving social media posts, taking style quizzes, and analyzing your lifestyle.

Was this post helpful to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Where do you find your personal style inspiration from?

Well, that’s all for my first post! Talk to ya later, beautiful!

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