Petite Friendly Amazon Fashion Finds Part 1

Anything I want last minute for an outfit, I can just open my Amazon app. One tap of my finger, and poof – It’s on its way to my house. Sooo convenient, right?

Usually, we shoppers are willing to spend more for convenience. But on Amazon, there are so many affordable clothing items and accessories to fit even the lowest household budget. That is fantastic – until the piece arrives at your house, and you open it to find that it looks nothing like the product image, and it’s barely attached by the thread.

It happens sometimes! Thankfully the return experience is simple and easy. But still, who has time for that?

Hence why reading the reviews is a must. I always contribute to Amazon reviews when I can, if I absolutely love a garment, so that other shoppers can trust their purchase.

This time I wanted to take it a step further and share with you my own Amazon picks from a petite perspective – worn first hand by Moi!

I think that you will really love these clothing items.

*If you purchase from any of the links below, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

This Chriselda oversize lavender sweater was surprisingly thick and cozy! Great for a casual, slouchy (yet stylish) look on women of all sizes – including us petites.

A petite woman is holding her coffee while wearing a lavender knit sweater.

Crop tops are trendy year round, even in chilly weather. Although this sweater is a small, it is a bit big on me. It feels loose, but I like that it isn’t squishing the heck out of my bust. They don’t have any smaller sizing, but you can try shrinking it a little in the dryer, which I haven’t tried yet. It’s so cute!

A close up of a woman wearing a blue ruche crop sweater with a sweetheart neckline.

Okay so my dad actually got this top for me as a gift (thanks dad! LOL). He is so adorable picking out clothes as gifts for his fashionista daughter haha! I really love this top more than I thought I would. I wear it as loungewear with my black joggers around the house and I style it as a casual outfit with jeans. It is quality material and thick! However, this top is very long for short girls. It is tuckable, but you can also tie it in a front knot at the hem for stylish appeal.

A petite woman stands under floral tree branches wearing a long sleeve top from amazon.

I’ve had this gray cardigan for years! The quality is so good that it has lasted way longer than I expected. I still wear it often to the office. I love the pockets and how it hugs my petite figure. I love to wear it with a camisole in the spring and summer, so that I can take it off when I get too hot. It’s a great layer piece!

A petite woman does a mirror selfie wearing a gray cardigan from Amazon.

These faux silk lounge joggers can be dressed up or down. They are super comfortable and provide an extra layer when worn over leggings for outdoor endeavors. I personally didn’t feel like they were too long for me, but if you are below 5 feet tall, you can roll the smocked detail at the ankle up to shorten the length. No one will even notice this quick fix!

A petite woman wears pink jogger lounge pants and a sequin shirt.

So I have the sweater dress version of this exact knit – but it’s pretty much going to look the same, just with a shorter hem. The material is soft and so cozy! The pattern gives me Burberry vibes. It fits a petite size so well! I love how it came down to my mid-thigh. I did roll up the cuff of the sleeves to shorten the length a bit.

A petite woman walks through an outdoor storage facility wearing a beige cowl neck dress with checkered print from Amazon.

Why is this dress so awesome? Well, it has…POCKETS! It also has adjustable shoulder straps, which is an advantage for us vertically challenged ladies. I love the drawstring detail which brings the eye to the waist, and the green and white polka dot pattern can be styled for the holidays. Put a sweater on over top for a cute skirt and knit combo, or wear a black turtle neck under it for a stylish look!

A petite woman is walking towards the camera wearing a green dress with white polka dots from Amazon.

I got this panama hat when I saw how much hats were trending last year. I was immediately attracted to the olive green color and cheetah print accent. It sits a bit loose on the head, but it’s not meant to be super tight. It is more of a decorative hat, and as a petite girl, I approve!

A petite woman wears an olive green panama hat.

Snakeskin print seems to be ruling fashion wardrobes everywhere! This shoulder bag is so beautiful and comes in three colors – pink, gray, and tan. The small size of the bag makes it an ideal accessory for short women because it doesn’t overpower proportions. It’s very durable and fits all the essentials.

A petite blonde woman leans against a wall with a pink snakeskin shoulder bag.

I generally love buying affordable clothing items from Amazon, and most of their items are great! I wanted to give you peace of mind in regards to the garments above since I have bought, worn, and washed them myself. I can attest that they are petite-friendly and of good quality. Do you have any recommendations you would love to share? Drop a comment!

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