One Twist Knot Sweater, Two Different Looks

If you are on the hunt for new knits, the twist knot sweater is one that you DEFINITELY will want to add to your collection.

I’ll get straight to it – it’s what’s called a “reversible twist knot” sweater. Other names for it have been the “twist front” or “Parisian knot” sweater. You are going to love it! I’ll explain why.

Discovering the Twist Knot Sweater

I first came across this style sweater while shopping in Windsor at the King of Prussia Mall. It was on a mannequin, and I fell instantly in love and had to have it.

They actually did not have my size on the table, so I politely asked one of the sales associates to help me pull it straight off the mannequin so I could buy it, being it was the last small left.

The mannequin displayed the sweater with the twist knot in front. So, I was surprised when I went to try it on at home. When I put it on, the brand tag was in the front as opposed to being on the back.

Then it occurred to me that it had been placed backward on the mannequin, as the twist knot detail was actually supposed to be the back of the sweater.

But, I found that the sweater looked amazing both ways! I did some research and found that these twist knot sweaters are often designed to be reversible – meaning they can be worn either way! That was so fascinating to me!

What to Wear with the Twist Knot Sweater

I feel that when I wear the twist knot sweater in front, it gives a unique, expressive look. It looks very sexy, showcasing a V-neck design that is low cut.

To make it more modest, I paired it with a high-neck halter tank top underneath, which covered up my chest area while the twist knot design stood out. I was able to wear it to work at the office using this quick hack.

When I wear the sweater with the twist knot in the back, it fully covers my front but, reveals a large amount of my back area for a chic and classy look, yet subtly sexy.

I would recommend wearing a lace bralette or a strappy detailed bra when wearing the twist knot in the back, so that the exposed details complement the look.

I felt that a high waisted pair of jeans or leggings suited best, since it covered more of my bottom and waist area to draw the attention to my upper back. These bottoms are the perfect option with this sweater style to keep warmer in frigid winter temperatures, as well.

Backward or Forward – You Decide!

I love wearing the twist front (Or twist back – however it is described by the retail store) sweater both ways! It is so fun to decide which way I want to wear it, and I love that it gives me more options for styling. Even if this style sweater is being marketed as only “twist front” or only “twist back” you can still wear it the other way – no one is going to know! Trust me, I’ve done it, and no one noticed at all if I technically wore it backwards (according to the placement of the shirt tag LOL).

Where to Buy the Twist Knot Sweater

Here’s some suggestions if you’d like to get your hands on one! I know winter is winding down, but I honestly shop for the current season’s clothes for the entire span of it…sometimes I even buy the previous season’s sale items to stock up my closet for next year. Anyways, here are some you might like!

Which way would you wear this sweater…with the twist knot in the front, or in the back?

*If you purchase from any of the links below, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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