How to Wear a Summer Dress in the Winter

It’s amazing just how far one piece of clothing can take you when it comes to creating new looks! I like to think of garments like building blocks; you put them together to create an outfit!

One garment that comes to mind is the summer dress. With some inspiration, we can think about how to wear a summer dress in the winter months.

Almost any clothing item can be re-purposed for a new look, no matter what season it is. You just have to style it “out of the box”.

The summer dress is no different!

You probably already have one in your wardrobe.

It’s a casual, lightweight dress typically designed for keeping cool in scorching temperatures. Summer dresses are usually vibrant in color, with a loose, flowy fit and thin straps that reveal the neck, chest, and shoulders.

These dresses are so beautiful, so why reserve them only for warm weather? By utilizing layers, you can take your dress from blowing gently in the summer breeze to brightening up a cozy look in the frigid air.

Let’s dive into how to wear a summer dress in the winter.

1. Wear a Sweater Overtop

Your summer dress instantly becomes a stylish skirt when you wear a sweater over the top! Coordinate colors for a unified look.

Here’s a quick style hack: Use a belt, ribbon, or another accessory to shorten the length of your sweater if you don’t want the hem of it just hanging. Put the belt (or other item) around your waist tightened to your liking, and pull the sweater up until it is the length you desire over the dress.

Some women like to wear a bra over the top of the dress and then tuck the bottom front of the sweater under the bra base to create a cropped appearance. In my experience, this always slips out and I wind up having to tuck it back in multiple times throughout the day. But, you can give it a try!

2. Wear a Shirt Underneath

There are sooo many shirt styles that will look amazing under your summer dress! I recommend trying the following:

  • Long sleeve turtleneck
  • Collared Button Down
  • Plain T-Shirt

These three work like a charm, but definitely feel free to experiment with other tops – you might find a different one that winds up looking just as great!

3. Pair it with a Cardigan

A perfect cardigan-worthy moment!

4. Put on Tights Underneath

How to wear a summer dress in the winter: tights. They are basically a second skin for keeping your legs warm! You can even get the kind with fleece inside them.

Did you know that you can get electrically heated tights? I think I need a pair! There’s snow on the ground right now as I write this post…wishful thinking! *Closes out Amazon browser to avoid shopping*

A woman on a balcony in a black dress, gray leggings, and black booties

5. Wear it with Jeans

Jeans are also an option! Whether it’s jeggings, ripped boyfriend jeans, or bootcut jeans, this look is totally doable. With jeans, it’s kind of like your dress becomes a super long top.

If the jeans aren’t warm enough, of course, you can wear tights underneath them too.

6. Put on Sneakers or Boots

Now for the feet…you can wear pretty much any shoe that will withstand freezing temperatures, are comfortable, and keep your toes warm with your summer dress. These would be my picks:

  • Nike Sneakers
  • Combat Boots
  • Western Pointed Toe Boot
  • Mules

Oh, and don’t forget thick socks!

And there you have it! How to wear a summer dress in the winter. I hope this sparked many ideas for you to re-use that cute summer number in the back of your closet.

If you are a spontaneous personality like I am, knowing how to take one garment and use it to the utmost value is so helpful for staying stylish in situations like traveling unexpectedly, or needing to be somewhere in a flash.

Plus it keeps you from buying more clothes when you could be using that cash for an experience you’ve been dying to embark on!

Was this post helpful to you? Let me know in a comment below! Don’t forget to subscribe by submitting your email on the right so I can send you posts directly to your inbox 🙂

Talk to you later! xoxo

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