How to Shop Like a Celeb – Without Being Rich

Wracking your brain for a fantastic ladies night out idea, frantically looking up small event venues? Near me, there is a trendy clothing boutique that will host a party just for you and your girls. That small retail store is Paper Dolls, located in the quaint town of Ambler, PA!

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About Paper Dolls Ambler: One of the Small Event Venues Near Me

Paper Dolls offers a special party experience where they literally open their store after hours just for you and your girl squad. It is actually ironic that this fun event idea is not found in an actual small event venue close by at all – it’s at your local, independently owned clothing store!

Of course, if you do not live near Ambler, PA, many other boutiques across the U.S. offer this same VIP private shopping booking; You just need to inquire with the small business clothing retailers nearby.

I got to experience this special celebrity-like treatment first-hand with the ladies from the office where I work! So, let me get into all the details and you can decide for yourself if this unique event opportunity is right for your party!

How We Discovered the Boutique is a Small Event Venue Near Us

My work manager Lisa loves to plan an annual “ladies night out” for the women in our office, and she had stumbled upon this experience while shopping. She stopped into Paper Dolls Amber and overheard the store manager mentioning that they had a party to host after closing. She inquired about it and turns out that they host parties!

When Lisa told me this story of how she found out about it, I was so excited. I did not know that a private shopping experience could be possible for regular people (by that I mean your everyday average income, lol). I hadn’t heard of it before, and didn’t even know it was a “thing”!

Hence why I am spilling all the deets about this event idea – because I want to spread the word! It’s definitely not an option that would pop up if you are searching “small event venues near me” on Google, for example. This is because boutiques are labeled as storefronts on search engines.

Shopping at Paper Dolls Ambler

The Party’s Perfect Timeframe

Lisa booked her event with Paper Dolls shortly after and invited us all out for a fantastic evening of comradery and girl chat. The booking time that the boutique offers is a 2-hour window, from 6 PM to 8 PM. The outing took place on a Thursday evening, during a warm summer evening.

I found that it was the perfect length of time: mingle, shop, try-on, and check out. You really don’t need anymore than two hours for this experience. But, if you for some reason did need more, I am pretty sure that Paper Dolls Ambler is flexible.

With shopping being just two hours, our crew was able to take the rest of our time elsewhere out to dinner to eat. We headed over to a delicious Italian spot right after our shopping event. So, if you don’t want your event to only include shopping, you can certainly schedule a second or third activity for your group. You’ve got plenty of time!

The Ultimate Celebrity Shopping Experience: What Goes Down

When I arrived, I was a little bit late by about fifteen minutes. No one was outside, and the shades were drawn. I tried the door handle and it was locked. I was confused for a of couple seconds, until my co-worker unexpectedly opened the door so she could step out and make a private phone call. I slipped in after her.

I learned later on that the boutique prefers to appear “closed” so that regular shoppers passing by do not walk in on the party. It’s a special invite just for you only!

As soon as I stepped past the threshold, I was greeted cheerfully by the boutique staff, and my co-workers, who were browsing all around the store.

Be Greeted With a Glass of Prosecco

There were three ladies on staff, who were absolutely lovely. They offered me a glass of Prosecco and welcomed me to look around, which I thought was so celebratory! They had the Prosecco bottle and small, pink plastic cups out for display so we could help ourselves to a drink throughout the whole event.

Holding a cup of Prosecco while shopping

Plenty of Fitting Rooms for Try-On

Our group enjoyed catching up (what with some of us working from home due to the pandemic all this time) and picking out clothes for each other. At one point, the two fitting rooms were taken, so the boutique stylists let some of us use the employee bathroom as a fitting room to help save time, which I thought was so sweet!

Just Like the Little Event Places Close to You, They Have a Photo-Op!

There was a photo op nearby the register with the Paper Dolls logo, and I made sure to snap a few pics with my colleague! It made you really feel like a star at a red carpet event. They had a ring light stand pointing at the backdrop to provide ideal lighting for the perfect snap!

Photo op at Paper Dolls Ambler

Party Favors Provided By the Boutique for All Who Attend!

At the end of the event, the staff handed out cute gifts for all who attended, whether they purchased or not. I wasn’t expecting this, and I thought it was the cherry on top! Inside the favor bags were luxury handmade chocolates from a neighboring establishment down the street, a 15% off coupon to use on our next visit, their business card, and a bead bracelet!

Gift Favors for Shopping Event

Personal VIP Treatment Styling

As we shopped, we literally got the VIP shopping treatment. Every time one of us found an item that caught our eye on the rack, one of the stylists would come right up to us to explain how the garment could be styled, as well as a little bit of insight on why it was very trendy.

These ladies knew their stuff, and were extremely helpful in assisting with selecting an outfit!

Not to mention they were completely honest about if a piece looked good on your body or not. And if it wasn’t, they’d suggest something else even better.

You could tell that they love what they do, and are very passionate about fashion as well as making their customers feel happy!

The stylists were so down to Earth and friendly, sharing their own fashion stories and experiences with us.

About the Inventory

I am certainly one to get excited about clothes! What’s amazing about Paper Dolls Ambler is that they have clothing available for women of all sizes and ages (except for babies and todders, lol).

Their size range for their merchandise is literally XS – 3X. It was so easy for our party to find something for all of our varying body types.

Their clothes were so beautiful! Everything from wrap dresses and crop tops, to jeans and bralettes. They had a wide selection of the season’s hottest trends, and a broad range of styles to suit every personality.

I purchased a sexy black bustier body suit with two straps for each shoulder, by a brand called Le Lis Collection. I also bought an oversized, short sleeve frayed denim jacket by Pol, which I thought was so unique, I had to have it.

The boutique definitely has some one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Where to Find an After-Hours Shopping Reservation

One of the aspects that made this whole private shopping experience very memorable was the undivided attention that our party received while we shopped, and the fact that we had the whole store to ourselves – no one else allowed! We felt like exclusive A-listers on top of the world! And why not….we all deserve that feeling!

So, if you are looking for something different for your special occasion, no need to peruse through dozens of typical small event venues near you. Believe me, a clothing boutique that offers a private after-hours shopping experience for you and your friends will be a hit! I recommend looking up independent clothing stores in your area and inquiring with them to see if they offer private shopping reservations, as opposed to the normal keyword search of “small event venues near me” in the search engines.

Don’t forget, when you shop local, you are supporting small businesses, and that’s an economy glow up we can all appreciate.

What do you think…will you book your own private shopping event?

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