How to Motivate Yourself to Workout Using Style

Clothes are the secret to figuring out how to motivate yourself to workout. I’ll admit, exercising is not something I crave doing. But once I start, I really enjoy it, and I feel amazing afterwards!

The thing is, finding the drive to do the damn thang is sometimes tough. A McDonald’s Big Mac and three hours of Ozark on Netflix is much more appealing. I don’t blame ya! I can absolutely relate.

For these moments, I plan ahead so that when I am faced with the temptation to skip working out, I can easily talk myself out of it. My secret is…outfit strategy!

Strategically selecting your outfit for the day is how you can motivate yourself to workout. I use this tactic almost every single day I have a scheduled fitness class, and it works for me. And I strongly believe it will work for you, too.

My Fitness Lifestyle Explained

Before I get into how styling your outfit can motivate yourself to workout, let me tell you a little bit about my lifestyle so that you can get an idea of how you can apply an outfit strategy to yours.

First off, I am not a morning person and never will be. I only exercise in the afternoon or in the evening. That’s just me.

I work full time – the typical 9 to 5 – at a tax firm. My role requires me to be physically present in the office, so I rarely get to work from home.

I have a fitness membership with ELLE FIT Dance & Fitness workout studio in King of Prussia, PA, that includes two classes of my choice per week. The classes they offer include:

  • Tabata
  • Vixen
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Women Lift Weights
  • Yoga Groove

I usually book two of those and then dedicate time to run at the park one other day. So my commitment to exercise is about three days a week; sometimes four. That is realistic for me, and I only stick to workouts I enjoy doing, such as dancing or power walking with my husband.

The classes allow me to hold myself accountable by working out with other people and having to show up for a scheduled time. Most of the time I head straight to the workout from the office.

Enter the outfit strategy!

The outfit strategy works perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle, but it also comes in handy on days when I am just at home. The only difference is that I will put on my workout attire first thing in the morning to roam around the house in until it is time to exercise.

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout With an Outfit Strategy

Basically when I am planning my outfit for the week, I style my activewear clothing in a way that still looks professional for work. Then when I head to class, I only need to maybe switch out one or two things.

There have been sooo many times where I am working in the office and I just don’t feel like going to workout! But then I think to myself “Crap, I already have my activewear on, it would be such a waste to not go. Eh, I’ll just go”. Then after the workout I am so HAPPY that I accomplished it!

I am able to mentally trick myself into going because I am already wearing my athleisure. It works like a charm!

Here’s the process for how to wear an outfit that will motivate yourself to work out:

  1. Always wear a sports bra underneath your clothes. There are so many kinds on the market, that you can definitely make it hide under your top, whether you need a high-neck one, or one with thin straps.
  2. Opt for soft jogger pants or yoga pants that can pass for professional. Thankfully today’s trend of incorporating loungewear into the everyday look really put this style strategy at an advantage.
  3. Go for a solid color work out tank and cover your shoulders for workplace modesty using a blazer or kimono shawl. You can also wear a cropped exercise top underneath a nice blouse.
  4. Forego the sneakers, but pack them in your work bag (or day bag). Swap out your normal shoes for them when it is time to workout. The regular shoes help keep your outfit looking sophisticated and nice.

Dressing strategically for your exercise days can help you upkeep your routine. It doesn’t have to just be for the office, either. It can be adapted to whatever plans you have that day, whether it is running errands, or going to brunch with friends!

Stylish Exercise Outfit Inspiration

Here are some real life outfits I have worn using the outfit workout motivation style strategy method. Feel free to save them to your Pinterest board! Let these spark some ideas for your looks.

A woman wears soft jogger pants, a white t shirt and a pink cardigan

This loungewear outfit allowed me to go right into my workout at any time of the day. The look features gray jogger lounge pants, a white t-shirt, and a pink knit cardigan.

A woman on a balcony in a black dress, gray leggings, and black booties

Underneath this black dress is a thin material workout tank and gray leggings. I took off the dress when I got to my workout class.

A woman on a Brooklyn stoop in black yoga pants, a chiffon top and a blue cardigan

This casual outfit is a pair of black yoga pants with a chiffon top and a blue cardigan over top. I have a workout tank top on underneath the chiffon top. I loved the snakeskin boots with this look. Of course when it was time to workout, I took them off and put my sneakers on.

A woman in a blue sweater dress and gray leggings with a brown belt around the waist

On this day I had on a workout tank underneath the blue cable knit sweater dress. You would not be able to tell from the look of this styling that I was ready to workout! Remove the dress, accessories, and heels. Add the sneakers. BOOM! Good to go.

A mirror selfie featuring a blonde woman in black jogger pants, a navy sweater, and a maroon cardigan

For this office look, I dressed up a pair of black jogger pants. I had on a sports bra underneath the knit top. I was able to go straight to my work out class by swapping the booties for sneakers, and the top for a workout tank.

A woman wear a cheetah print workout bra and yoga shorts

This cheetah workout set is just one of many I own. The thin straps of the sports bra makes it easy to wear it under other tops without it being too noticeable.

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