How to Find Designer Items for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

There’s a plethora of consignment websites that offer fashion items for sale, but have you tried Facebook Marketplace?

If not, you may be missing out! There are some amazing secondhand designer items listed there for way less than retail value.

Here’s why you should take advantage of Facebook Marketplace, how to use it, and what kind of items you’ll find!

Why You Should Use Facebook Marketplace for Fashion Thrifting

The best way to find fashion items for sale on Facebook Marketplace is simply by using the app itself.

Did you know that Facebook Marketplace has its’ own algorithm?

When you use the app, the algorithm remembers items you have viewed and previously searched for and shows them to you in a curated feed.

Literally, the secondhand products YOU WANT are shown to you.

It’s like you are the consignment shopper queen and Facebook Marketplace is doing all the work! However, you need to start using the app in order for it to work for you.

Once you start using it, you are on your way to obtaining gently used, great condition, high-end brand clothing items, and accessories for less.

How to Get Facebook Marketplace

If you already have a Facebook account, you are one step ahead! You do need a Facebook profile in order to buy or sell fashion items (or any items) on Marketplace.

Once you have an account, you can access it by opening up the Facebook app and tapping the Marketplace icon on the bottom menu.

Facebook always seems to be redesigning its’ app navigation, so it could wind up elsewhere. But nonetheless, it is the icon that looks like a little tiny storefront with an awning.

Once you tap it, you have instant access to a search bar, online and local listings, and selling tools.

Start Searching and Viewing Listings

In order to get the app to show you the fashion items you want, you have to begin using it.

Do you have a specific brand or item on your mind? For example, I am looking for Sam Edelman shoes, size 5 women’s.

I type in “Sam Edelman size 5” in the search bar and browse the results.

Maybe I save a few items, but don’t buy anything yet. (More info on the save feature ahead.)

The next day I open the Facebook app. I see that I have a red circle number on my Marketplace icon (notifications alert). I click on it to find that the algorithm has found me 3 new listings that are Sam Edelman platforms.

How awesome is that!? Now you give it a try!

Save Items for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

One feature of the app is that you can save items for later if you want to think about the purchase. If the item doesn’t sell for a while, the seller will go down in price. Saving the listing makes it easier to go back and check on it for price updates, or to purchase it later.

Message the Seller

If you need clarification on an item, you can message the seller directly from the listing. You can ask to see more images, get more information, or even barter a price.

Pay Attention to the Delivery of the Item

On each listing, the seller specifies how they will get the item to you. Some local sellers will only meet in person, while other sellers provide both shipping or meet up. And of course, some prefer shipping only.

This can be a little annoying, because you may not want to go through the inconvenience of having to pick up the item unless it is very valuable and you really are in love with it.

I only stick with items that ship, personally. You have many more listings to shop since shipping can be from anywhere in the country.

I feel that the delivery method of the item is definitely a “make or break” aspect.

It’s all up to you, whether you shop local or take advantage of buying with shipping.

Look Out for Spam Products

So Facebook is not so great with detecting spam products and deleting them from the feed.

If an item seems like it is really cheap and too good to be true, follow your gut and skip it.

Check the seller’s star rating to see if it is legit.

I got duped one time buying a fake String of Pearls Succulent plant. It arrived and looked nothing like the picture. It fell apart while still in the packaging. I flagged the seller and got a refund from Facebook.

It’s annoying, but Facebook does have a good return policy.

Fashion Items I have Bought from Facebook Marketplace

Okay, so here are some brand name fashion items I purchased for myself from Facebook Marketplace.

I have purchased a handful of designer items from there with no issues. These were all bought with shipping.

Guess Sneakers for $9 + $5.50 shipping

These are perfect for casual outings and I wear them often.

Salvatore Ferragamo Black Leather Wrap Around Booties for $30 + $9.25 shipping

Sad to admit these are too small for me! Definitely authentic, but they fit like a narrow women’s size 4.

Dolce & Gabbana Sweater for $25 + $5.75 shipping

This top originally had stretched material at the shoulders from being hung on a hanger. I took it to the dry cleaners and the material went back to its’ normal shape! Good as new.

Purple Prada Heels for $25 + $5.75 shipping

I gifted these to my mother-in-law who gasped in delight at the sight of them!

Victoria’s Secret Lace Bustier for $11.00 + $3.75 shipping

I am so in love with this top! Thinking of flaunting this for my birthday shenanigans.

You can find pretty much any fashion item for sale on Facebook Marketplace you are looking for!

With my positive experience buying high-end fashion from Facebook Marketplace, I do recommend giving the app a try if you haven’t yet!

I’m all about finding a bargain and sharing everything I know in regards to affordable fashion. I couldn’t pass up sharing my knowledge of Facebook Marketplace!

I hope this post was very helpful to you! For more affordable fashion information and petite style advice, give my blog a follow by signing up for Her of the Moment emails! The signup box is below (if you are using your phone).

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