How to Avoid Germs With Easy Clean PVC Bags

In the Philadelphia region, things are slowly starting to open up since the pandemic quarantine took off. But, that doesn’t mean we won’t be vigilant in keeping germs at bay as much as possible moving forward.

Did you know that handbags are found to have high counts of bacteria on them? Well, that makes sense now that I think about it. We carry our handbags everywhere with us, and they touch a lot of floors and other surfaces. Ew, gross!

This proven fact comes from microbiologists Amy Karren and Chuck Gerba for ABC News, who tested a total of 22 bags. While there are many types of bag materials and specific how to instructions for cleaning them, I found one that makes minimizing germs SO much easier!

It’s a handbag made out of PVC material! I honestly never knew these existed! I know that clear and “jelly” handbags are trendy, but I never realized how easy they are to clean, until I discovered them while shopping recently.

Because of the PVC material, they can be wiped down quickly with sanitizer on-the-go!

small quilted turn lock pvc handbag

Where I Found My PVC Bag

I found my cute quilted PVC material handbags while browsing in Marshall’s! The bags are only $12.99 each, and are by Deluxity Los Angeles.

I was trying to find the same exact bags to share with you, but I couldn’t find them online at Marshall’s! I would try visiting your local in-person to see if they have them. They would be near the handbag section!

I did find the same exact bags on Poshmark though! However, you will have to bargain with the seller to get them at the price I got them.

Click Here for a quick Poshmark search that will take you to some of the Duluxity bags for sale! 🥰

PVC Bag Details

These little handbags stopped me in my tracks! They are SO gorgeous, with gold chain straps and a gold turn-lock clasp. The available colors were black, hot pink, and lavender.

I bought two – one pink, and one purple. The inside has two compartments and is roomy enough to fit both my smart phone and my bulky keys – a MUST for me!

What also got me excited about these luxe-looking bags is that the chain straps are adjustable, allowing them to be shortened for a shoulder bag appearance, or lengthened to function as a cross-body bag.

It wasn’t until I looked at the tag, which says “Surface wipe” that I realized they were specifically designed that way to be quickly disinfected. So awesome!

Pink Quilted PVC Handbag Deluxity Los Angeles

The Possible Downside of PVC Bags

Just a quick side note here for you to be aware of: Some people argue that PVC fashion isn’t good for you, but I personally don’t see a harm in owning and using a PVC material handbag. It’s definitely a good idea to be wary of it.

I don’t sugar coat things – I am not one of those people to “rave” about something without mentioning any possible downsides. No one has ever died from jelly handbags, but word on the medical street is that there is a component of PVC called vinyl chloride, which is a carcinogen.

In case you don’t know, (I didn’t, and had to look it up) a carcinogen is a substance that basically promotes the formation of cancer.

Is that going to stop me from using my easily sanitizable handbag? Not really. Totally up to you!

No Need to Think Twice About How to Clean Bags

With PVC purses such as the ones I found, there’s literally no point in jumping on Google to look up “How to clean bags”. It’s a no-brainer because any hand wipe or multi-surface cleaning solution will do!

Simply give it a good wipe down and you’re all set with a germ-free handbag.

That makes me wonder…how many dirty places have I put my handbags? It grosses me out just thinking about it!

Putting it down on a floor in a restaurant, and then lifting it back up to my body…EW! Okay, I am starting to sound like Alexis from Schitt’s Creek now 😆

But seriously, I love that I can clean my little PVC bag right on the spot. SO convenient!

In a new era where being germ-conscious is becoming the norm, PVC purses offer the opportunity for increased protection from bacteria.

Here are some PVC handbags to shop from…enjoy!

*If you purchase from any of the links below, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Pvc Medium Rockstud Spike Shoulder Bag • Valentino • Sold Out
Neely & Chloe The Mini Lady Pvc & Leather Crossbody • Neely & Chloe • $178
Glossy Grip PVC Raffia Tote • Marni • $1,150
Balmain – B-buzz 23 Leather And Printed Pvc Shoulder Bag – Pink • Balmain • $2,350
Issey Miyake Pvc Bag • Issey Miyake • $426.33
Springer Transparent Pvc Belt Bag • Eastpak • $96
Circus by Sam Edelman Quinn Jelly Flap Crossbody • Sam Edelman • $50.58
Like Dreams Jelly Clear See Through Satchel Set • Like Dreams • $58.75
Soft Seoul Mini Soft Jelly Market Bag • $98

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