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 Welcome to Her of the Moment: A Fashion Blog

There is something absolutely magical about stepping out into the world in clothes and accessories that visually describe you as a person. My goal is to help other women elevate their personal style and be in love with what they are wearing, as well as who they are as a person – from the inside and out.

I named my fashion blog “Her of the Moment” as a play on words from the phrase “spur of the moment”, because life happens, and your outfit will always be with you in that instant, expressing who you are as a person!

That is the theme you will find repeatedly throughout my blog. ✨

About the Writer

A little about me: My name is Michelle Rose MacDonald and I love all things fashion! At just 5 feet tall, I navigate the clothing industry as a petite woman, looking for the best fittings and hacks for getting dressed to the nine.

I live in the Philadelphia suburbs in Norristown, PA, and am married to my handsome husband, Michael! (I am a little crazy about him 😝). I am an independent, hard working woman in my 30’s who is obsessed with social media, loves to dance around the house to music, and sing karaoke whenever the opportunity arises! I also love enduring new experiences, which could be traveling somewhere new, or doing an activity I’ve never done before.

The List of Fashion Topics

I’ve structured my blog into five different categories:

  • My Outfit Diary – This is a fun space for me to log my favorite outfits I have worn!
  • Styling Tips – All the advice and hacks you need to know to improve your look!
  • For Your Closet – Shopping suggestions for you to build your wardrobe!
  • Where to Shop – Whether its’ a storefront or online, I show you all the coolest places to browse for new items.
  • Shift Your Mindset – Encouraging messages to uplift your style psyche.

All of these aspects stem from my passion for helping women achieve their unique style!

Connect With Me

I publish a blog once per week, and if you submit your email in the subscribe field on the right, you’ll get a notification so that you never miss a post. You can also follow me on the ‘gram for more style advice: @HeroftheMoment

Feel free to comment or send me a DM – I love to meet new people and make new friends! Hearing from you would be awesome! You can also email me or submit a contact form.