How to Find Designer Items for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

There’s a plethora of consignment websites that offer fashion items for sale, but have you tried Facebook Marketplace?

If not, you may be missing out! There are some amazing secondhand designer items listed there for way less than retail value.

Here’s why you should take advantage of Facebook Marketplace, how to use it, and what kind of items you’ll find!

Why You Should Use Facebook Marketplace for Fashion Thrifting

The best way to find fashion items for sale on Facebook Marketplace is simply by using the app itself.

Did you know that Facebook Marketplace has its’ own algorithm?

When you use the app, the algorithm remembers items you have viewed and previously searched for and shows them to you in a curated feed.

Literally, the secondhand products YOU WANT are shown to you.

It’s like you are the consignment shopper queen and Facebook Marketplace is doing all the work! However, you need to start using the app in order for it to work for you.

Once you start using it, you are on your way to obtaining gently used, great condition, high-end brand clothing items, and accessories for less.

How to Get Facebook Marketplace

If you already have a Facebook account, you are one step ahead! You do need a Facebook profile in order to buy or sell fashion items (or any items) on Marketplace.

Once you have an account, you can access it by opening up the Facebook app and tapping the Marketplace icon on the bottom menu.

Facebook always seems to be redesigning its’ app navigation, so it could wind up elsewhere. But nonetheless, it is the icon that looks like a little tiny storefront with an awning.

Once you tap it, you have instant access to a search bar, online and local listings, and selling tools.

Start Searching and Viewing Listings

In order to get the app to show you the fashion items you want, you have to begin using it.

Do you have a specific brand or item on your mind? For example, I am looking for Sam Edelman shoes, size 5 women’s.

I type in “Sam Edelman size 5” in the search bar and browse the results.

Maybe I save a few items, but don’t buy anything yet. (More info on the save feature ahead.)

The next day I open the Facebook app. I see that I have a red circle number on my Marketplace icon (notifications alert). I click on it to find that the algorithm has found me 3 new listings that are Sam Edelman platforms.

How awesome is that!? Now you give it a try!

Save Items for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

One feature of the app is that you can save items for later if you want to think about the purchase. If the item doesn’t sell for a while, the seller will go down in price. Saving the listing makes it easier to go back and check on it for price updates, or to purchase it later.

Message the Seller

If you need clarification on an item, you can message the seller directly from the listing. You can ask to see more images, get more information, or even barter a price.

Pay Attention to the Delivery of the Item

On each listing, the seller specifies how they will get the item to you. Some local sellers will only meet in person, while other sellers provide both shipping or meet up. And of course, some prefer shipping only.

This can be a little annoying, because you may not want to go through the inconvenience of having to pick up the item unless it is very valuable and you really are in love with it.

I only stick with items that ship, personally. You have many more listings to shop since shipping can be from anywhere in the country.

I feel that the delivery method of the item is definitely a “make or break” aspect.

It’s all up to you, whether you shop local or take advantage of buying with shipping.

Look Out for Spam Products

So Facebook is not so great with detecting spam products and deleting them from the feed.

If an item seems like it is really cheap and too good to be true, follow your gut and skip it.

Check the seller’s star rating to see if it is legit.

I got duped one time buying a fake String of Pearls Succulent plant. It arrived and looked nothing like the picture. It fell apart while still in the packaging. I flagged the seller and got a refund from Facebook.

It’s annoying, but Facebook does have a good return policy.

Fashion Items I have Bought from Facebook Marketplace

Okay, so here are some brand name fashion items I purchased for myself from Facebook Marketplace.

I have purchased a handful of designer items from there with no issues. These were all bought with shipping.

Guess Sneakers for $9 + $5.50 shipping

These are perfect for casual outings and I wear them often.

Salvatore Ferragamo Black Leather Wrap Around Booties for $30 + $9.25 shipping

Sad to admit these are too small for me! Definitely authentic, but they fit like a narrow women’s size 4.

Dolce & Gabbana Sweater for $25 + $5.75 shipping

This top originally had stretched material at the shoulders from being hung on a hanger. I took it to the dry cleaners and the material went back to its’ normal shape! Good as new.

Purple Prada Heels for $25 + $5.75 shipping

I gifted these to my mother-in-law who gasped in delight at the sight of them!

Victoria’s Secret Lace Bustier for $11.00 + $3.75 shipping

I am so in love with this top! Thinking of flaunting this for my birthday shenanigans.

You can find pretty much any fashion item for sale on Facebook Marketplace you are looking for!

With my positive experience buying high-end fashion from Facebook Marketplace, I do recommend giving the app a try if you haven’t yet!

I’m all about finding a bargain and sharing everything I know in regards to affordable fashion. I couldn’t pass up sharing my knowledge of Facebook Marketplace!

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How to Reduce Broad Shoulders With 6 Female Top Styles

Wondering how to reduce the bulky look of broad shoulders on the female body by selecting the right shirt (or dress) style? I’ve got you covered!

As a woman who was also born with broad shoulders, there are times when I want them to look less muscular and bulky. I don’t completely dislike them, being that broad shoulders are considered a beautiful trait to have (yet they are always the first body part to get sunburned lol!). 

In fact, broad shoulders are a feature of many beautiful models in the fashion industry. This is because a wide range of styles on the market is extremely appealing on strong, straight-lined shoulders.  

If you have broad shoulders, then you likely have an inverted triangle body shape. With this kind of body shape, it is best to draw the attention away from the shoulders to other areas, such as the chest and waist. 

The secret to styling broad shoulders involves optical illusion. Wearing tops with certain necklines and details can soften the sharp appearance of the shoulders, as well as emphasize their beauty. 

Here is how to reduce broad shoulders using six female shirt styles that make them appear a bit more angular and graceful. 

1. Tops with Wide Straps 

Clothing styles that feature wide straps – such as a camisole, dress, or tunic – minimize the appearance of broad shoulders. The thickness of the straps breaks up the chiseled shape of the shoulders, making them look less broad. 

2. Asymmetrical Strappy Tops 

Tops that have asymmetrical shoulder straps bring beauty and elegance to broad shoulders. The juxtaposed position of the straps creates a beautiful balance of the shoulders by visually breaking down their otherwise proportioned shape.  

3. Tiny, Very Thin Shoulder Strap Tops 

Here’s why very thin strap tops work for broad shoulders: The attention shifts to the waist, away from the shoulders. By showcasing threadlike straps, the broad shoulders become less prominent to the eye, allowing the focus to be drawn elsewhere, such as the waist area. 

4. One Shoulder Tops

Tops that travel across just one shoulder, whether a tank or long sleeve, enhances the look of broad shoulders with visual equivalence. This is because having one shoulder bare and the other shoulder covered (or somewhat covered) creates a balanced look, yet minimizes the normally stout appearance of the upper body.  

5. V-Neck Tops 

V-neck tops are another shirt style that plays on optical illusion to reduce the look of broad shoulders on women. The V-neckline deters the attention from the shoulders down to the chest. The V shape in particular creates a balanced effect on the shoulders, making them appear not so broad.  

6. Off-Shoulder Tops 

Go for an off-the-shoulder top with a neckline that creates a U-shape across your upper body, such as a V neckline, sweetheart neckline, or scoop neckline. These necklines draw the eye away from the chiseled look of the shoulders to instead highlight the bicep muscles and chest. 

I think it looks very lovely and elegant! Avoid off-shoulder tops that go straight across your upper body if you don’t want your broad shoulders to stand out so much.  

These six shirt styles are my recommendations for those who want to know how to reduce broad shoulders so that as a woman, the body looks more balanced. 

Shirt Styles to Avoid on Broad Shoulders 

I want to add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with flaunting broad shoulders as they are. What’s important is that you love how you look, giving you the confidence to live your best life whenever you are in the moment. 

So, if you prefer other tops aside from these I listed above, that’s perfectly alright!

However, I suggest that you stay away from these types of tops if you don’t want your broad shoulders to be super noticeable:

  • Padded shoulder tank tops and blazers
  • Tube tops or strapless tops 
  • Halter tops
  • Bolero Tops 

These tops effortlessly highlight broad shoulders because their designs support the straight, robust line of the upper body’s silhouette of the inverted triangle.

But, I do still wear these occasionally as I see fit. It really depends on your preference. 

My broad shoulders stand out in this padded blazer!

Love Your Broad Shoulders!

One thing to keep in mind is not to be so self-conscious of your broad shoulders. Everyone is born different and unique. 

My shoulders are so broad, that I have had people ask me if I am a professional dancer or gymnast upon meeting me for the first time. I know they are noticeable and that is why they ask, but I actually think it is funny and cannot help but laugh because I have neither of those skills (I wish! lol).

If you get comments from people about them, then they are really just fascinated by you! Isn’t that cool?

There you go! Now you know how to reduce the look of broad shoulders. As a female, (Or however you identify) remember to love your body – all the parts of it – because it’s what makes you one of a kind! And well, there is no one else like you!

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10 Petite Woman Approved Vacation Amazon Fashion Finds

Are you getting excited about vacation? There’s always room in the closet for some fresh beach-oriented clothing and accessories to make your getaway absolutely memorable!

I haven’t booked my next trip yet, but I hope to get a destination locked in soon!

In the meantime, I’m perusing through my Amazon orders to find you trendy and affordable vacation clothing and accessories from my petite point of view!

I am just under 5 feet tall, so I know how hard it can be to find the right garments that will fit a shorter frame, especially when in the market for some cute fashion items that give all the island vibes.

Here are my tested and tried vacation finds for petite women available on Amazon!

Note: These are items that I use and love. The products featured in this post are affiliate links, and if you click on them and conduct a purchase, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you, which helps support my blog.  

1. Drefbufy Denim Tiered Maxi Skirt

This maxi skirt is not heavy despite being made of denim. It pairs well with pretty much any top, and it can be styled as a tube top dress as well.

Michelle stands on a wooden staircase wearing a tiered denim broomstick skirt by Drefbufy.

2. The Tropical Maxi Dress

The tropical print of this extremely soft maxi dress immediately brings the mind to a hot sunny day on the beach with a cocktail in hand. It has pockets at the hips and it was not too long for my petite height. No hemming is needed!

Michelle walks through a trail in the park wearing a Beach Floral Maxi Dress. wearing

3. Cut-Out High Waisted Bikini

This bikini is so flattering on a tiny frame! It is on-trend with the cut-out detailing, and I found the material to be of good quality. It made me feel sexy, yet covered all of my self-conscious areas. The Amazon seller I originally got this from doesn’t seem to be offering it anymore, but I found one that looks identical.

4. Body Glove Bandeau Bikini

Though Amazon does not carry the print I have in this swimsuit style, it does have several solid colors from which to choose. The top and bottom must be ordered separately, which allows for more precise sizing options. I have a small in the bottoms, but they were a bit tight. You may want to size up for the bottoms.

The bandeau top has removable straps so that you can wear it as a bandeau or as a halter bikini top. This feature is ideal for avoiding shoulder tan lines while allowing you to go swimming without fear of the top slipping down.

A full body shot from a low camera angle of Michelle wearing a pink and green tropical print bandeau bikini by Body Glove, with a bright sky filled with clouds behind her.

5. White Retro 90’s Rectangle Sunglasses

As Lady Gaga says, “Take my picture, Hollywood!” Need I say more?

Michelle walks across a sandy beach wearing white retro rectangular sunglasses from Amazon Fashion and a peach colored one piece swimsuit by Roxxy.

6. Joseko Straw Crossbody Bag

This watermelon-shaped bag has a cute floral print lining on the inside and an adjustable shoulder strap – perfect for us short gals. It fits my iPhone 13 Pro perfectly, with room for lip balm and my cash. I don’t see the green available anymore, but it does come in off-white and brown.

Michelle sits on a wooden bench wearing black tights, a sherpa jacket, and brown boots while clutching her green watermelon shaped straw crossbody bag from Amazon Fashion.

7. Crocs Tulum Toe Post Sandal

Comfort is a must when it comes to sandals! These snakeskin Crocs got me through long walks on the boardwalk and sangria-filled dinners in style. If you have tiny feet, don’t worry! They offer as low as women’s size four. (Mine are a size 5). Turns out they are out of the snakeskin print, but they come in a variety of solid colors, as well as cheetah print!

Michelle stands on a beach in Avon, NC wearing Crocs Tulum Toe Post Sandal in Mushroom. She has on a pink frilly dress with a beige v-neck tank top over it.

8. Sanuk Yoga Gora Gora Sandal

Omg, these sandals are amazing! They also come in size 5, and they pair effortlessly with any outfit. The soles are literally yoga mats shaped to your feet!

Michelle steps down off of a wooden boat jungle gym wearing Sanuk Yoga Gora Gora Sandals. She has a palm leaf print camisole on over top a lace A-line dress.

9. Yellow Tassel Earrings

Go bold on your vacation with bright-colored tassel chandelier earrings that will make heads turn. Let them SEE you queen! Don’t hide behind your height.

Michelle smiles at the camera in a red dress and yellow tassel earrings next to her friend while holding a pink cocktail.

10. Kut from the Kloth Jean Shorts

This brand of jean shorts just fits in all the right places. You can style them with the frayed material at the hem, or roll them up to shorten the length. They come available in sizing as low as 00.

Michelle walks on the beach wearing jean shorts by Kut from the Kloth. She is holding a gray Coach handbag and has on a white and peach abstract tank top.

That’s my petite vacation Amazon find round-up for now! Let me know if I should do a round 2?

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5 Life-Changing Tips for Those With No Time for Style

Are you an extremely busy woman with a packed schedule thinking that you absolutely have no time for style?

While time is always something we wish we had more of, prioritizing the important aspects of our life – like styling and selecting an outfit for the day – can make all the difference.

In fact, it makes so much a difference, that it positively impacts your life.

When we look amazing, we also FEEL amazing. There’s no denying that. But, one must put in the work to look stylish.

Here’s some tough love: That girl that you admire with the gorgeous outfit and perfect hair – she didn’t just wake up like that!

She took the time – probably made the time – to carefully select pieces from her wardrobe that expresses her personality.

Today we are going to go over what you can do to look stylish without compromising precious time. Stop thinking that you have no time for style – because with these tips, you will!

1. Block off two hours during the week for outfit preparation.

Mark it on your Google calendar if you have to. Just like weekly meal prepping for a healthier diet, you need to prep your outfits ahead of time.

You’ll be able to cut down the minutes it takes for you to get dressed everyday because your outfit is already chosen ahead of time.

It’s all about time management. Style smarter, not harder!

I say “up to two hours” because that is how long it takes me to select five outfits for the week, but you can adjust this based on what works for you.

During this time, it should be a calm, enjoyable space for you to decide what you want to wear, giving you the freedom to select pieces that truly represent the awesome person you are.

Some people prefer to pick out their outfit the night before each day. I personally don’t have time for that…when I get home from work, it’s electric-blanket-on-the-couch-and-Netflix time.

But if you prefer to do that, go for it!

2. Save style inspiration for later.

When you go to do your outfit prepping, it helps to have some style images or videos to refer to so that you can select your garments a little more effortlessly.

Use social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to save fashion content you like for later referencing. If you aren’t on social media channels very much, you can try saving Google Images to a photo album on your smart phone or other handheld device.

This prevents you from getting stuck on what to put together as you create a look.

For example, let’s say you really want to wear your green cargo pants one day this week. You have a couple of ideas for tops, but are stuck on what shoes to wear with it.

You then open up Pinterest to quick search “cargo pants outfit”. You see that in some of the pictures, lace up boots, Converse chucks, and white sneakers are the popular option.

You decide to go with the white sneakers!

You’ll be able to style your looks for the week quicker with fashion inspo you can quickly reference.

3. Organize your outfits so that they are easy to locate.

Have you ever felt despair when you can’t find that one clothing item you need for the day? Then you wind up frantically looking for it for ten precious minutes.

No more!

I recommend something like a closet cubby hanger or designated shelf that can be used to organize the outfits for each day of the week.

Some people use a rolling rack, but honestly I am too lazy to put each piece of clothing up on a hanger…but you may like the hanger organization :).

I myself need to determine a better place to organize mine (hey, I never said I was perfect! lol). I currently place mine on a huge love seat in my bedroom, which does the trick for now, but doesn’t look very pleasant, haha!

It is sooo nice to be able to immediately get dressed every morning with no stress!

4. Do an outfit test run.

A woman takes a selfie in the mirror to reference her outfit choice, which is a snakeskin dress paired with boots and a cardigan.

During your blocked time to style your outfits, you need to try them on. Don’t just put the pieces together for what you think will look good. Do a test run in front of a full-length mirror!

Trying on each outfit ensures that you have everything you need for it and that it fits correctly. Furthermore, it validates that you like how it looks and will feel good wearing it.

Doing this also prevents you from encountering any issues with the garments, avoiding an unexpected and frustrating last minute outfit switch up.

Does that make sense?

5. CHOOSE to be stylish.

A woman stands on the beach feeling stylish and confident in a white blazer, beige tank top, and a pink polka dot textured midi dress.

I was listening to a podcast the other day that mentioned that people can choose to be confident. It may be harder than it sounds, but it’s possible! It just takes practice.

All you have to do is make that choice to create a positive impact on your life.

Style IS confidence. So, if you wake up and tackle each day with confidence, you can achieve style.

The biggest factor to overcome is caring about what other people think. Excuse my french, but F*** them!! This life is about manifesting your best self and enjoying the ride while you can.

Don’t let the fear of what people think dictate your life.

Choose to be stylish, and you will make the time for style.

Are you ready to dress stylish in just minutes on a daily basis? Put these five tips into action and see the difference they make in your everyday life.

Feeling happy about the outfit you are wearing can lead to positive energy, confidence, and increased productivity.

Make it your priority!

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7 Bargain Poshmark Shopping Secrets You Need to Know!

A woman learns the secrets to Poshmark shopping for less as she is perched on a couch and using her mobile phone.

Do you enjoy Poshmark shopping? Perfect! Whether you are just starting out as a Poshmark shopper, or have been buying from the website for years, nothing beats a bargain – even when it comes to consignment.

While thrifting IS literally the joy of nabbing a fashion item for WAY less than its’ original retail price, there are a couple of tricks to getting a deeply discounted steal – specifically when browsing listings on Poshmark.

And, if you are familiar with Poshmark, you know that sellers on the site tend to list their fashion items a little high.

I have been Poshmark shopping since 2019 and have discovered a number of tactics to buy secondhand pieces for the lowest price possible…and now I will reveal them to you, my friend!

Before I go into it, I highly recommend that you have the Poshmark app downloaded to your smartphone – it’s much easier to navigate for a simplified shopping experience.

1. Use the Search Bar

When you are looking at your Poshmark Feed, it’s tempting to just scroll and scroll and scroll away, staring at whatever listings have just been shared by the Poshers you are following.

But, it’s best to do Poshmark shopping with intention. Focus on what you specifically need for your closet, like sneakers or a black skirt, for example.

You can also search for a specific brand. For instance, I want to search “Patagonia Synchilla” so I can see all of these products being offered in one fell swoop.

No need to filter your size – once you set them up in your profile, the app automatically brings up only the listings in your size when using the search tool. (But you can still use the filters if you like.)

Browse the listings to find that one item you want to add to your wardrobe for less than retail value!

2. Sort the Listing Query on “Price Low to High”

For broad searches that yield a ton of listings, there’s a little hack I like to do so that I can look at listings with the lowest price available.

Conduct your search using the search bar and bring up the results.

Next, tap on the Sort carrot at the top, which says “Just Shared”.

Change it to Price Low to High.

The listings are now arranged by the lowest price shown first! You can then browse them and see if any catch your eye.

This is how you can find and browse the cheapest listings on the app!

I love to do this because, well…the cheaper the better! I feel like I don’t have to barter as much with the seller for a lower price.

Plus some of the listings are in just as good condition as the ones that are listed at much higher pricing.

3. “Like” the Item and Wait

Exclusive Offers

When you see a listing you are interested in purchasing, tap the heart icon.

Hearting (aka liking) the item sends the seller a notification letting them know you are interested in it.

The seller will likely send you what’s called an “exclusive offer” to entice you to make the sale. They don’t always, but I find that most of the time they do!

The exclusive offer will be a certain percentage off, and will usually come with a shipping discount. The app will alert you about the offer via a phone and email notification.

You’ll have to act quick though – the offers are on a 24-hour expiration.

Liking the listings also lets you keep track of your favorites under My Likes so that you can view them from your account manager (the profile icon on the bottom right).

 Price Drops

Another perk to liking an item you are interested in: Price drop alerts!

Price drops happen when a liked item has not sold, and the app (Poshmark) holds a Closet Clear-Out event, prompting sellers to drop the price of the listing.

If this happens, you will be alerted by the app the same way as the exclusive offers.

The expiration for price drops is shorter than exclusive offers. You only have 6 hours to act on the deal.

You may have to wait a while for this offer to occur, and it might not occur at all.

I noticed that Closet Clear-Outs happen every few days. It’s up to the seller to take action and lower the price.

Another thing to note is that the exclusive offer could be almost the same deal as the price drop.

Here’s a fun pretend comparison:

Item: Pair of black booties listed at $40 with $7 shipping = $47

Exclusive Offer: $35 with $5 shipping = $40

Price Drop: $34 with $5 shipping = $39

I think the purchase very much depends on how much you love the item, and how much you are willing to spend / wait for the deal to occur.

Beware – other shoppers can like the item, and there is a chance one of them could buy it before you. First come, first serve!

4. Send an Offer to the Seller

Take your shot at nabbing the item you are interested in for less by sending an offer to the seller!

It seriously doesn’t hurt to try.

On every listing there are two options for interested buyers: Offer or Buy Now.

When tapping the Offer option, you can select from a 15%, 10%, and 5% offer to send, or you can create your own.

This is a great way to try and barter the price down. If the seller accepts the offer, you will be charged right away.

One thing to note, however, is that you can’t really get a shipping discount by doing this, so expect to pay priority shipping at the full rate of around $7.50.

You can also try bartering in the comments section of the listing. This allows you to speak directly with the seller and work out a deal first before using the offer feature on the app.

Last summer I fell in love with a floppy straw hat that read “Beach Vibes” across the brim. I wanted it for my beach vacay coming up.

I asked the seller in the comments if she would consider taking a few dollars off, and to send me a shipping discount offer.

She agreed, sent me her offer with the shipping discount, and I accepted right away.

It was a very positive buying experience!

5. Being a Seller Leads to Poshmark Shopping Funds

Another way to get the secondhand fashion items you want from Poshmark for much less: selling!

By selling your gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories on the app, you earn income.

However, the earnings you generate from a sale do not go instantly into your bank account – it sits in your Poshmark account under My Balance in your profile dashboard.

You could transfer the balance to your bank…or, you can use it to buy something on the app!

Imagine earning $50 on a handbag you just sold. Now you can take that money and put it towards a $100 pair of designer shoes you’ve been eyeing on the app for weeks!

To make a listing, tap the Sell icon in the middle of the bottom menu. Fill out the listing details and then tap List. It’s that simple.

There are plenty of tricks and tips to making sales, but I’ll save that for a whole other blog post.

How awesome is that? I get so pumped thinking about it. Poshmark shopping really can be just as much as a fun hobby as it is a buying and selling experience.

6. Earn $10 Towards an Item by Referring Poshmark Shopping

If you have a Poshmark account, you can earn $10 when a friend you have referred to the app purchases an item for the first time and receives it.

The app provides a unique code to share with your friends and family via text, email, or social media.

They have to sign up using the code, make a purchase, and then receive the purchase in order for you to gain the credit.

My unique code is MICHELLEROSEMAC if you are not a Posher yet and would like to become one!

When you go to sign up, you’ll enter your information to create login credentials, and enter the code (it should be the very last field).

The number of friends that use your unique code can add up – $10 earned for each person!

Any referral credit you earn will show up in your My Balance dashboard.

Your referral code is literally your Poshmark username squished together.

To easily share it with friends and family from the app, tap your profile icon.

Tap My Balance from the list menu or the green circle dollar sign in the upper right.

Tap Invite Friends, Earn FREE Cash!

There you go! Share it using the prompts, or share it as you like by sending out your unique code to everyone you know.

7. Buy Multiple Items with the Bundle Feature

Are you wanting to purchase more than one item? You can “bundle” the items together for a discount.

Some Poshers have a bundle deal where if you purchase x amount of items, you can get a percentage off. In my closet, I offer 15% off when buying two items together.

As you shop for items from a closet, you can add them to your bundle and choose to send the seller an offer for the bundle.

For more information on Poshmark’s bundle feature and how it works, click here.

Poshmark is not just a typical e-commerce website; it is centered on being a “social” marketplace that allows its’ users to commune in the midst of consumer transactions.

Therefore, you can work the app’s features to your advantage in terms of buying secondhand items for less.

Now it’s time to take these secret tips and put them to use!

I really love using the Poshmark app. How about you?

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The Best Affordable Finds to Create Pastel Outfits

Do you have everything you need to put pastel outfits together? 

I myself could use a few more items! I went shopping around online to find you some of the most affordable pastel pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

The pastel aesthetic is so feminine and pretty, yet childlike and fun. I am not sure why, but it gives me such happy and positive vibes! 

I used to associate pastel outfits with spring and Easter, but now I style them for any occasion, year-round. The pastel trend will certainly be staying throughout the years to come, so if you haven’t quite jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is the time. 

Here are my pastel picks from around the web, keeping quality in mind while staying within budget.

*If you purchase from any of the links below, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Pastel Accessories

Sunglasses for Pastel Outfits 

I have a pair of baby blue cat eye sunglasses that I absolutely adore. The other day I wore them with my blush pink car coat, and omg, was I feeling myself in them! These will suit you. 

Pastel Handbags

Satisfy your craving for pastel with purses and bags! I have a light pink shoulder bag from Amazon that goes with almost everything. 

Pastel Scarves

I am not currently a scarf person, but I am open to it! I would challenge myself with these, how about you?

Pastel Belts 

Include just a pop of color in your style with a lovely pastel colored belt like one of these. 

Pastel Colored Shoes

Pastel sneakers or heels? Perhaps both? You decide!

Garments for Pastel Outfits

Pastel Tops 

There are a variety of tops available in pastel hues on the market. You can stock up on everything from blazers and button downs, to knit vests and pull overs. Find one that speaks your unique style!

Bottoms in Pastel Colors

Skirts, pants, leggings, joggers, and more – can be found in pastel hues. Choose one that meets your specific needs! In my opinion, pastel bottoms are very statement, and aren’t worn as much as items like jeans and beige trousers.

Just be sure to pick the one you will wear more than once so that you can get more value for your garment if you are going to spend money on it. 

Pastel Dresses 

Go bold with a gorgeous pastel print dress, or a solid color dress. I have a light pink yellow maxi dress and a textured polka dot frilly pink dress in my closet, both of which I love to wear to brunch and summer barbeques.  

With just a few of these pastel fashion items, you can mix and match them to create head-turning, vibrant outfits. Or wear all of the same color for a pastel monochrome look!  

Pastel hues pretty much live in their own color pallet; they go together so well. Which shade is your favorite?  


How to Wear a Summer Dress in the Winter

It’s amazing just how far one piece of clothing can take you when it comes to creating new looks! I like to think of garments like building blocks; you put them together to create an outfit!

One garment that comes to mind is the summer dress. With some inspiration, we can think about how to wear a summer dress in the winter months.

Almost any clothing item can be re-purposed for a new look, no matter what season it is. You just have to style it “out of the box”.

The summer dress is no different!

You probably already have one in your wardrobe.

It’s a casual, lightweight dress typically designed for keeping cool in scorching temperatures. Summer dresses are usually vibrant in color, with a loose, flowy fit and thin straps that reveal the neck, chest, and shoulders.

These dresses are so beautiful, so why reserve them only for warm weather? By utilizing layers, you can take your dress from blowing gently in the summer breeze to brightening up a cozy look in the frigid air.

Let’s dive into how to wear a summer dress in the winter.

1. Wear a Sweater Overtop

Your summer dress instantly becomes a stylish skirt when you wear a sweater over the top! Coordinate colors for a unified look.

Here’s a quick style hack: Use a belt, ribbon, or another accessory to shorten the length of your sweater if you don’t want the hem of it just hanging. Put the belt (or other item) around your waist tightened to your liking, and pull the sweater up until it is the length you desire over the dress.

Some women like to wear a bra over the top of the dress and then tuck the bottom front of the sweater under the bra base to create a cropped appearance. In my experience, this always slips out and I wind up having to tuck it back in multiple times throughout the day. But, you can give it a try!

2. Wear a Shirt Underneath

There are sooo many shirt styles that will look amazing under your summer dress! I recommend trying the following:

  • Long sleeve turtleneck
  • Collared Button Down
  • Plain T-Shirt

These three work like a charm, but definitely feel free to experiment with other tops – you might find a different one that winds up looking just as great!

3. Pair it with a Cardigan

A perfect cardigan-worthy moment!

4. Put on Tights Underneath

How to wear a summer dress in the winter: tights. They are basically a second skin for keeping your legs warm! You can even get the kind with fleece inside them.

Did you know that you can get electrically heated tights? I think I need a pair! There’s snow on the ground right now as I write this post…wishful thinking! *Closes out Amazon browser to avoid shopping*

A woman on a balcony in a black dress, gray leggings, and black booties

5. Wear it with Jeans

Jeans are also an option! Whether it’s jeggings, ripped boyfriend jeans, or bootcut jeans, this look is totally doable. With jeans, it’s kind of like your dress becomes a super long top.

If the jeans aren’t warm enough, of course, you can wear tights underneath them too.

6. Put on Sneakers or Boots

Now for the feet…you can wear pretty much any shoe that will withstand freezing temperatures, are comfortable, and keep your toes warm with your summer dress. These would be my picks:

  • Nike Sneakers
  • Combat Boots
  • Western Pointed Toe Boot
  • Mules

Oh, and don’t forget thick socks!

And there you have it! How to wear a summer dress in the winter. I hope this sparked many ideas for you to re-use that cute summer number in the back of your closet.

If you are a spontaneous personality like I am, knowing how to take one garment and use it to the utmost value is so helpful for staying stylish in situations like traveling unexpectedly, or needing to be somewhere in a flash.

Plus it keeps you from buying more clothes when you could be using that cash for an experience you’ve been dying to embark on!

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Talk to you later! xoxo


Parsons x Teen Vogue Production Costs Assignment

I am currently working on achieving my fashion certification with Parsons x Teen Vogue, where I must accomplish a series of assignments in order to pass the course.

This post is dedicated to my assignment “Production Costs” under the Understanding Fashion Production Module. For this task, I am to take the accessory I made in the previous module and calculate what the cost would be to produce it.

How the Mock Fashion Accessory Was Made

The accessory came from an assignment in which I had to base it on my Pinterest vision board and craft it using unconventional materials. My vision board consisted of vivid New Jersey boardwalk signs and earthy hues seen within the natural wonders of the beach.

I created a 26-inch necklace based off of an image of pink pastel colored signage that spelled out “Funnel Cake Factory”. Amusement rides can be seen in the distance behind it, and it sparked feelings of summer, excitement, and joy.

The necklace features twine, mini clothespins, and pink and white diagonal striped birthday candles. The twine serves as the cord to go around the neck, and the clothespins were used to make the candles into slide-able “beads”. I used the candles as the decorative embellishment for the piece, which I thought really captured the playful vibe of the boardwalk scene.

I love the idea of twine and the wooden clothespins because they are the same color as sandy dunes along the shore. Furthermore, the clothespins reminded me of driftwood, and the twine reminded me of nautical rope used for boating.

Calculating Production Cost for a New Fashion Accessory

Now, if this necklace were to go into real-life production for consumers to buy, what would it cost?

I chose this assignment to challenge myself, since math is not my strong suit.

Using the formula explained in the assignment instructions, I calculated the numbers below for two scenarios: selling the item one at a time vs. selling it mass produced via wholesale.

Following the Cost Formula

First I had to figure out the cost of each material. I aimed to do this realistically in terms of exactly how many pieces of material I used.

This took me quite some time to calculate, and I had to search the items online since I had forgotten how much they were when I bought them.

Instead of using the total cost of the item sold in one package (Candles are $1.50 for a pack of 24, for example) I figured out how much each candle cost in the pack when separated out (one candle is $.06).

Note that in my sample necklace I used five candles, but for this exercise, I pretended I used 6.

I did the same for the clothespins and the twine. The twine was tricky because I didn’t know how a necklace was properly measured. Was it done by circumference or by length? After some quick research I found that it’s measured by length, and used that to calculate the cost per 26 inches of twine.

I built out the numbers using Google Sheets, going off of the calculation table example shown in the assignment instructions.

Next, I needed to determine how long it takes to create the necklace, and how much the labor for that would be.

I imagined that it took five minutes to assemble the necklace, and with today’s wage rates, a person working at a clothing retailer would earn $14 an hour. (It helps to use time in decimal. Times the decimal by the hourly rate for work)

Those figures were added together, and then multiplied by the profit percentage, which is 20% in this case (Production cost times .20).

I estimated the retail price to be $4.50 for the necklace. With this price point, I would make about $2.50 in profit for every necklace sold!

Figuring out Production Costs for Wholesale

Next, the assignment called for calculating production costs for selling the necklace wholesale. I needed to figure out how to produce the necklace for less than $2.06 to allow the retail stores selling the necklaces to also make a profit, and allow room for markdowns.

For this scenario, I pretended that I could get the birthday candles much cheaper from another supplier. The candles were the most expensive material, so I would want to find another good quality candle for less.

I then imagined that my factory got a cutting machine that sped up the process of measuring and cutting the twine by hand, which reduced the time to assemble the necklace to four minutes instead of five minutes.

These decisions brought the total production cost down almost 50 cents. I could now sell the necklaces in bulk for $1.83 and still make a good profit.

See the above calculation changes in red on the right table.

After much thought, I raised the estimated retail price higher after building out my table and numbers. I realized the estimated retail price I originally had, which was $3 instead of $4.50, wouldn’t have made as good a profit when it came to the wholesale side due to needing room for the retailer’s profit and possible markdowns.

What I Learned and Takeaways

This exercise was fun and I really learned a lot about figuring out production costs for fashion items. I would use this formula as a reference in the future if I ever sell my own fashion designs.

The big takeaway for me was understanding how much each material cost, and that decisions must be made to meet price points. I felt like I really stepped into the shoes of a designer for the first time.

I also had no idea how retailers come to acquire their product prices for clothing and accessories. But now I know! All thanks to Parsons x Teen Vogue.

Now on to the next assignment! xoxo


3 Ways to Overcome Formal Event Clothing Anxiety

Getting dressed up can be intimidating and bring about feelings of clothing anxiety. The following questions fill your mind: Do I look okay? Are people going to look at me? 

First, let me reassure you. Yes, you look great! Yes, they might, but that’s because you look stunning!

I get it, though.

The details of what makes up a fancy outfit – the heels, the extra showing skin, the itchy fabric – are literally designed to turn heads in terms of emphasizing the beautiful aspects of the body. 

Maybe you don’t prefer to put energy into “being seen” or just plain don’t like to be dressed up. 

Either way, clothing anxiety can quickly take over when it comes to events we really can’t skip out on – like being there for close family at a funeral, or supporting a cause that means a lot to you by attending a gala. There could also be an evening where there is a formal work event, and your presence is required to build team connections and impress clients. 

For these times, we need to overcome the clothing anxiety that comes about from having to put on fancy attire. 

Here are some tips you can apply that I think will greatly help!

Prepare Your Formal Attire Beforehand 

There’s nothing worse than adding to the snowball of anxiety by stressing out two hours before it is time to leave because there’s nothing to wear.

You will feel much more at ease when your dressy outfit is planned beforehand. Planning ahead gives you the time to think about and select clothing items that make you feel happy and comfortable. 

I recommend making a board on Pinterest of formal attire ideas you like (or can deal with, lol) and go off of that when picking the outfit. 

Definitely do a test run and try the outfit on! In fact, test out more than one (I’d say about three) and pick the one that makes you feel the most amazing. 

Take mirror selfies of you in the outfits and get a close friend’s opinion – someone who you trust and know will be completely honest. It will give you reassurance. 

Next, identify any issues the outfit presents and work on a solution that works for you. 

For example, if a dress is too low cut when you try it on, you can assess how to make it work, such as adding a camisole underneath to cover up cleavage, or applying fashion tape to keep the fabric in the right places.

Planning an outfit takes time, but well worth it! It’s like planning a wedding – we spend time selecting the perfect white attire, jewelry, shoes, makeup and hairstyle for the special day. When that day comes, all there is to do is enjoy the day and get ready!

Every event we attend should be treated the same way. On the day of the endeavor, it’s time to relax and enjoy getting ready in a calm and positive manner. 

A woman who has overcome clothing anxiety confidently wears a pink dress with a white blazer while standing on the beach.

Dress According to Your Own Personality and Comfort Level

If looking boujee is not your vibe, that’s perfectly okay. Your self-assurance and confidence should be founded on what makes you happy!

Intentionally dress to reflect your best self rather than letting others decide how you appear to the world.

Examine what pieces make you feel good and what pieces do not make you feel secure in your appearance. 

Doing this will make you feel more confident in your ability to make style decisions and will prevent you from having concerns about how you are being represented. 

If you don’t like dresses, don’t wear them! Try a chiffon jumpsuit, or wide-leg trousers with a silk top. Still dressy, but comfortable and expressive. 

The same goes for tight clothing. As an alternative, try a tiered flowy mini dress and accent your waist with a belt. This flatters your body by giving it shape, while allowing room for movement. 

Kick Clothing Anxiety With a Mental Moment 

Now that you are dressed up and ready to go, hush any feelings of clothing anxiety with a moment in silence. Take deep breaths and meditate, even if only for a few minutes. It will help get your heart rate down.

You can pray about it, asking for strength and confidence. 

Get your mind on a positive note by reciting a few fashion oriented affirmations like the ones below that I have written myself: 

My outfit looks amazing on me, and expresses who I am as a person. 

I love what I am wearing, and I truly feel like me.

I radiate with love and abundance in the clothes I have on. 

It can be challenging to force your mind into a different state, but with willpower and determination, it can be done. 

Only you can make it happen 🙂 you can do it!

A woman with clothing anxiety has a calm and relaxed facial expression after taking deep breaths to clear her mind.

Getting Dressed Up in Positive Vibes 

If being present in formal attire makes you anxious, make adjustments that can lead to a new, healthier self. No one has to be miserable, uncomfortable, or stressed out to look excellent!

Being dressed to the nine can provide an unexpected boost of confidence and self-assurance. It also encourages others to appreciate us and treat us with deference.

You got this! Are you ready to pick out your outfit?

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