Black Friday 2020 Watch List of Fashion Favorites

Do you ever feel like despite what’s trending, your closet never seems to keep up? There’s soooo many awesome fashion staples circulating amongst influencers and fashionistas alike! With Black Friday 2020 coming up fast (wow, already? Where did the time go…) I went ahead and researched the best deals for several high-end must-have items for your wardrobe!

I did this because I STILL haven’t gotten the few things I need to complete certain looks, mostly because I am a working lady on a budget. Yes, I’ve got to pay the bills first, if you know what I mean. 

I cannot WAIT to take advantage of Black Friday 2020 sales and save, save, save on these beautiful accessories and clothes that every gal on Instagram seems to already own. Hope this gives you some great money-saving shopping ideas that you can also nab as gifts for friends and family this holiday season!

To get first dibs on these items for Black Friday, simply click the heart on the item and type in your email address. When the Black Friday 2020 sale for that item hits, you will receive an email notification letting you be the first to know!

Okay, here goes!

Chunky Black Boots

The chunkier, the better! Retailers are stocked up on this popular boot, making them an easy find. I love the masculine, edgy vibe that these shoes add to an outfit! Pair them with jeans, leather pants, shackets, dresses, or even an oversized fuzzy coat!  I currently own a pair of black lace up boots that are not as chunky, but I prefer it that way on my small legs…however, if you are digging this awesome fall trend, these are a must for you! 

Bulky or Dainty Chain Link Necklace

O.M.G. Cannot get enough of this trend! I can’t believe I don’t even have one yet! A bulky chain necklace is for sure on my list for Black Friday 2020. I have a thick 24 carat gold rope necklace I love to wear that creates a similar look, but I am dying to get my hands (or neck, if you will) on one of these. I love this embellishment because it can literally make anything you wear look luxurious. Style it with a sweatshirt and leggings, or wear it with a blazer for a classy, upscale feel. 

Silk Slip Skirt or Dress 

Silk can go a long way. When worn by itself, it needs no additions to emit elegance (Well, except for some jewelry and accessories of course). But what’s amazing about a silk dress or skirt is that you can add a sweater and boots for a casual cold-weather look that will keep you cozy! Some ladies like to add a belt to it for definition, or dress it down with a tied graphic T-shirt. Nab this item for Black Friday 2020, and you won’t be disappointed!

Oversized Sweater

Is it possible to own one too many sweaters? In the realm of style, absolutely not! I have a few I love, but am totally yearning for more! There’s nothing like an oversized sweater to keep you super warm year-round. Check these ones out!


As mentioned on Who What Wear, if you haven’t welcomed the shacket yet into your wardrobe, Black Friday 2020 deals give you the perfect opportunity to do so. This item is yet another fad currently dominating retail stores and Instagram feeds. It’s not hard to understand why with the way it adds instant class and sophistication to any ensemble. The shacket is exactly what you think – a shirt and jacket fusion that can be layered in any season. Make your pick with these below!


People are going crazyyy for sweatpants this year! We might thank the pandemic for that, since comfort became a priority whilst hanging out at home and staying in. However, sweats are no longer confined to a Netflix and couch session; they are being styled as day wear with shoulder bags, necklaces, and sneakers. More sweatpants please, and while I am at it, I might as well keep my jeans collection in the dark corner of my closet. 

Luxury Small Shoulder Bag

We all know beautiful and durable purses come with a hefty price tag, so when there’s sale, it’s GO TIME. I love how a small designer shoulder bag instantly adds elegance to any outfit – even sweats! If you want to add to your current handbag collection, or gift one, these are just a few suggestions.

Tiny Retro Sunglasses

Oval, cateye, rectangle, or round, tiny sunglasses are the statement accessory this year for sure. I haven’t caught onto the trend yet, but am going to start! Put these sunnies on and it’s definitely a whole mood. Believe it or not, small sunglasses first came about in the 1890’s! I personally adore the unique look of these slim type of frames, but if you want to actually stay shaded from the sun, stick with the medium to oversized sunglasses. For the love of statement style, these ones will do.

That’s my Black Friday 2020 Watch List for Favorite Fashion Trends! Don’t forget – you can receive sale updates to your email when you click on a heart of the product image and sign up with your email. Which one of these do you think you’ll get for your closet?

Now let’s east some turkey! Happy shopping! xoxo

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