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Hey there! My name is Michelle, and this is my fashion blog, Her of the Moment. I take on affordable fashion from a spontaneous perspective – expressing oneself at all times, even when the most random adventures come about.

There is a specific personality type that involves a free spirit who goes with the flow of life, is fearless of taking chances, and is ready to embark on any opportunity that may present itself.

But getting dressed on a whim can be a little challenging!

That’s why my goal is to help spontaneous people on a budget build a wardrobe that fits their lifestyle. Everyone deserves to look and feel good in what they are wearing, without breaking the bank.

I tackle some fashion issues such as figuring out how to take a look instantly from day to night, and how to select an outfit without getting overwhelmed. There’s also a plethora of unique fashion inspiration to spark ideas for the free-spirited soul.

Our Special Connection to Fashion

I am a petite gal born and raised in the Philadelphia region and have a knack for experiencing life on a whim!

I find that the best memories in life can stem from jumping on unexpected opportunities, and my sense of style reflects this outlook! I am obsessed with how what we wear becomes a part of the things we experience.

Have you ever gone off on a random getaway somewhere or bumped into someone you haven’t seen in forever?

Maybe you couldn’t get pregnant and the doctor tells you that you conceived.

You were having a bad night and a bright, shooting star zooms across the sky, reminding you to stay positive.

These are the special moments that your outfit will forever hold!

I’m sure you have sifted through the hangers in your closet recently. As you moved each garment, you probably had a flashback of when you wore that specific piece. Yes – that’s what I’m talking about!

I remember the bohemian long sleeve shirt I was wearing the moment my husband got down on one knee in the Bahamas and asked me to marry him.

And the ripped Abercrombie boyfriend jeans I wore as I walked on stage in front of a couple hundred people to do a 30th birthday lip sync battle with the finest Drag Queens at a brunch event in Philly! Listen, woman – you are whoever you are in that moment.

That’s why self-expression through clothes is my passion! Using my expertise and life experiences, I channel my styling insight to give you the best fashion take-aways, right here on my blog.

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The topics I cover focus on:

  • shopping explorations,
  • style advice,
  • fashion mindset improvement, and
  • suggestions for your wardrobe!

I love researching and writing, and have been doing so throughout my entire career. My goal is to use my gift to empower, uplift, and inspire ladies livin’ and dressin’ for life in the moment.

So, I’m so glad you came upon my fashion blog! (Was it a spur of the moment find? If so, maybe it was meant to be!)

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Thank you for reading, and I look forward to connecting with you!

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Mini Bio:

I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and went on to work for a prominent digital marketing agency in Philadelphia. While there, I created content and social media for a wide range of businesses, including fashion retailers. I got married in 2019, and embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey as a style blogger during the pandemic!

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