8 Questions to Identify a Shopping Addiction

Do you find yourself wondering if you have a shopping addiction? I’ve been there – especially when I have extra dough to spend! However, just because I have the funds doesn’t mean I need to be buying more clothes. I may want to put it towards other things – like traveling!

Whether you have a shopping addiction, or you a simply just a lover of all things fashion, it’s beneficial to be aware of your shopping habits. When I sat back and realized that I buy clothes online once every two weeks like clock work, I decided to evaluate my habit. 

Sure, buying every two weeks is not that bad compared to shoppers who buy much more often than that, but with my budget, it didn’t make sense to keep purchasing items I don’t necessarily need. 

Instagram will load in the frontend.

 All of the new beautiful clothes and accessories on the market are just SO tempting! 

We all love that feeling of adding a new garment to our collection, knowing that it will bring something “new” to our style table. It’s happy and exciting!

However, as they say, too much of something, can be bad sometimes. Maybe you don’t need anymore clothes, or maybe your financial priorities have changed. Both of these aspects were enough for me to evaluate my shopping habit. 

Understanding the root of why I shop helped me become more aware of my shopping behavior, as well as be more mindful of my spending. 

Upon performing some research, I found a list of questions that could help identify shopping “triggers”.

Even if you don’t find your shopping habits to be harmful, these questions will help you to evaluate your buying patterns to ensure that you are on the right track with your current life goals.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you finding yourself highly persuaded by effective fashion marketing? (causing you to buy)
  2. Have your financial priorities changed? (Wanting to spend more on experiences rather than clothes, etc.)
  3. Are you shopping as a result of feeling deep emotions? (Sad, anxious, annoyed, bored, etc.)
  4. Are you trying to achieve confidence boosts from buying new clothes?
  5. Are you stuck in the mindset that you can never wear the same clothing each week?
  6. Do you shop due to a fear of missing out on sales or trends?
  7. Do your family or friends often confront you with the concern that you are shopping too much?
  8. Do you feel like you have to lie about extensively shopping?

If any of these cause you to shop constantly, take action to make a positive change. You owe it to yourself to do better, and have a positive impact on your wallet! 

Woman who broke her shopping addiction

I do want to note that just because you may have said “yes” to some of these questions doesn’t exactly mean you have a shopping addiction. The evaluation is meant to help you get in tune with your shopping behavior so that you can make self-improvement.

What are your thoughts? 

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