7 Bargain Poshmark Shopping Secrets You Need to Know!

A woman learns the secrets to Poshmark shopping for less as she is perched on a couch and using her mobile phone.

Do you enjoy Poshmark shopping? Perfect! Whether you are just starting out as a Poshmark shopper, or have been buying from the website for years, nothing beats a bargain – even when it comes to consignment.

While thrifting IS literally the joy of nabbing a fashion item for WAY less than its’ original retail price, there are a couple of tricks to getting a deeply discounted steal – specifically when browsing listings on Poshmark.

And, if you are familiar with Poshmark, you know that sellers on the site tend to list their fashion items a little high.

I have been Poshmark shopping since 2019 and have discovered a number of tactics to buy secondhand pieces for the lowest price possible…and now I will reveal them to you, my friend!

Before I go into it, I highly recommend that you have the Poshmark app downloaded to your smartphone – it’s much easier to navigate for a simplified shopping experience.

1. Use the Search Bar

When you are looking at your Poshmark Feed, it’s tempting to just scroll and scroll and scroll away, staring at whatever listings have just been shared by the Poshers you are following.

But, it’s best to do Poshmark shopping with intention. Focus on what you specifically need for your closet, like sneakers or a black skirt, for example.

You can also search for a specific brand. For instance, I want to search “Patagonia Synchilla” so I can see all of these products being offered in one fell swoop.

No need to filter your size – once you set them up in your profile, the app automatically brings up only the listings in your size when using the search tool. (But you can still use the filters if you like.)

Browse the listings to find that one item you want to add to your wardrobe for less than retail value!

2. Sort the Listing Query on “Price Low to High”

For broad searches that yield a ton of listings, there’s a little hack I like to do so that I can look at listings with the lowest price available.

Conduct your search using the search bar and bring up the results.

Next, tap on the Sort carrot at the top, which says “Just Shared”.

Change it to Price Low to High.

The listings are now arranged by the lowest price shown first! You can then browse them and see if any catch your eye.

This is how you can find and browse the cheapest listings on the app!

I love to do this because, well…the cheaper the better! I feel like I don’t have to barter as much with the seller for a lower price.

Plus some of the listings are in just as good condition as the ones that are listed at much higher pricing.

3. “Like” the Item and Wait

Exclusive Offers

When you see a listing you are interested in purchasing, tap the heart icon.

Hearting (aka liking) the item sends the seller a notification letting them know you are interested in it.

The seller will likely send you what’s called an “exclusive offer” to entice you to make the sale. They don’t always, but I find that most of the time they do!

The exclusive offer will be a certain percentage off, and will usually come with a shipping discount. The app will alert you about the offer via a phone and email notification.

You’ll have to act quick though – the offers are on a 24-hour expiration.

Liking the listings also lets you keep track of your favorites under My Likes so that you can view them from your account manager (the profile icon on the bottom right).

 Price Drops

Another perk to liking an item you are interested in: Price drop alerts!

Price drops happen when a liked item has not sold, and the app (Poshmark) holds a Closet Clear-Out event, prompting sellers to drop the price of the listing.

If this happens, you will be alerted by the app the same way as the exclusive offers.

The expiration for price drops is shorter than exclusive offers. You only have 6 hours to act on the deal.

You may have to wait a while for this offer to occur, and it might not occur at all.

I noticed that Closet Clear-Outs happen every few days. It’s up to the seller to take action and lower the price.

Another thing to note is that the exclusive offer could be almost the same deal as the price drop.

Here’s a fun pretend comparison:

Item: Pair of black booties listed at $40 with $7 shipping = $47

Exclusive Offer: $35 with $5 shipping = $40

Price Drop: $34 with $5 shipping = $39

I think the purchase very much depends on how much you love the item, and how much you are willing to spend / wait for the deal to occur.

Beware – other shoppers can like the item, and there is a chance one of them could buy it before you. First come, first serve!

4. Send an Offer to the Seller

Take your shot at nabbing the item you are interested in for less by sending an offer to the seller!

It seriously doesn’t hurt to try.

On every listing there are two options for interested buyers: Offer or Buy Now.

When tapping the Offer option, you can select from a 15%, 10%, and 5% offer to send, or you can create your own.

This is a great way to try and barter the price down. If the seller accepts the offer, you will be charged right away.

One thing to note, however, is that you can’t really get a shipping discount by doing this, so expect to pay priority shipping at the full rate of around $7.50.

You can also try bartering in the comments section of the listing. This allows you to speak directly with the seller and work out a deal first before using the offer feature on the app.

Last summer I fell in love with a floppy straw hat that read “Beach Vibes” across the brim. I wanted it for my beach vacay coming up.

I asked the seller in the comments if she would consider taking a few dollars off, and to send me a shipping discount offer.

She agreed, sent me her offer with the shipping discount, and I accepted right away.

It was a very positive buying experience!

5. Being a Seller Leads to Poshmark Shopping Funds

Another way to get the secondhand fashion items you want from Poshmark for much less: selling!

By selling your gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories on the app, you earn income.

However, the earnings you generate from a sale do not go instantly into your bank account – it sits in your Poshmark account under My Balance in your profile dashboard.

You could transfer the balance to your bank…or, you can use it to buy something on the app!

Imagine earning $50 on a handbag you just sold. Now you can take that money and put it towards a $100 pair of designer shoes you’ve been eyeing on the app for weeks!

To make a listing, tap the Sell icon in the middle of the bottom menu. Fill out the listing details and then tap List. It’s that simple.

There are plenty of tricks and tips to making sales, but I’ll save that for a whole other blog post.

How awesome is that? I get so pumped thinking about it. Poshmark shopping really can be just as much as a fun hobby as it is a buying and selling experience.

6. Earn $10 Towards an Item by Referring Poshmark Shopping

If you have a Poshmark account, you can earn $10 when a friend you have referred to the app purchases an item for the first time and receives it.

The app provides a unique code to share with your friends and family via text, email, or social media.

They have to sign up using the code, make a purchase, and then receive the purchase in order for you to gain the credit.

My unique code is MICHELLEROSEMAC if you are not a Posher yet and would like to become one!

When you go to sign up, you’ll enter your information to create login credentials, and enter the code (it should be the very last field).

The number of friends that use your unique code can add up – $10 earned for each person!

Any referral credit you earn will show up in your My Balance dashboard.

Your referral code is literally your Poshmark username squished together.

To easily share it with friends and family from the app, tap your profile icon.

Tap My Balance from the list menu or the green circle dollar sign in the upper right.

Tap Invite Friends, Earn FREE Cash!

There you go! Share it using the prompts, or share it as you like by sending out your unique code to everyone you know.

7. Buy Multiple Items with the Bundle Feature

Are you wanting to purchase more than one item? You can “bundle” the items together for a discount.

Some Poshers have a bundle deal where if you purchase x amount of items, you can get a percentage off. In my closet, I offer 15% off when buying two items together.

As you shop for items from a closet, you can add them to your bundle and choose to send the seller an offer for the bundle.

For more information on Poshmark’s bundle feature and how it works, click here.

Poshmark is not just a typical e-commerce website; it is centered on being a “social” marketplace that allows its’ users to commune in the midst of consumer transactions.

Therefore, you can work the app’s features to your advantage in terms of buying secondhand items for less.

Now it’s time to take these secret tips and put them to use!

I really love using the Poshmark app. How about you?

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