3 Affirmations to Battle Outfit Self-Consciousness

You are out and about, rocking your outfit, and can’t help but feel like you are being stared at. You start to think “Why are they looking at me? Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?” These thoughts flood through your mind while you embark on your endeavor. If you feel this way sometimes, you aren’t the only one!

I found myself feeling super self-conscious last fall when I was visiting Merrymead Farm, a local dairy market for some fun, festive activities, which included homemade pumpkin ice cream, saying hello to the animals, and walking through the pumpkins. I wore my beige booties with a green, cheetah print belted panama hat. They went perfect with my burnt orange sweater and black jeggings. I felt fine about everything I was wearing except for the hat.

My friend and I stood in line waiting for delicious homemade pumpkin ice cream, and all around us were mostly families, looking comfortable in their jeans and hoodies. I suddenly felt very out of place. I took off my panama hat (which is an Amazon find, by the way!) to ease my nerves and give myself an emotional break from feeling like I looked silly.

Panama hats are quite the trend, and I really loved my outfit! So, why was I feeling this way?


No one cares about how you are dressed. They are just going about their day like you are! It took me a minute to gather myself. With some encouragement from my bestie (she could tell I was feeling anxious) I put the panama hat back on and shook off the nerves. I always thank God above for amazing friends!

However, most of the time, us fashionistas will be on our own to make ourselves feel confident and happy in what we are wearing. So for those times, here are a few things to remember when feeling self-conscious in your outfit.

1. Think Good Things About Yourself.

The first thoughts that may fill your mind while out and about in a daring outfit are things like “Oh my gawd, I look so stupid right now” or “I probably shouldn’t have worn this, it’s too loud for me”. Remind yourself WHY you chose what you are wearing. You loved it, and you adored how it looks on you. You are an amazing person, and this shows in the outfit you picked.

2. You are Inspiring Someone Else.

Someone may have the specific item you are wearing in his or her closet, but couldn’t muster up the courage to wear it out in public yet. But look at you! You are already rocking it. You could be setting an example for others in that it’s perfectly ok to don the latest trend, even if it is VERY noticeable. That’s called “turning heads” – in a good way. So if you suddenly catch yourself feeling awkward, recall that your outfit may have a positive impact on someone. Oh, and take a deep breath!

3. Any Seemingly Negative Comments are a Result of Something Deeper That Has Nothing to do with You.

Okay, so you might get a completely unnecessary comment made about how you look in your outfit. Not going to sugar coat things and tell you it won’t ever happen. Recently, I wore a dramatic balloon sleeve top to the office, and my boss – who is quite the jokester and likes to poke fun on everyone – made a comment about me looking like I popped out of a medieval film and was about to go jousting. HA, HA.

I played into the joke and yelled “En Garde!” while swiping the air with my pretend sword. We all laughed and moved on. I knew my boss was just playing around and has a good heart. But did I feel a pang of self-consciousness? Yes, I certainly did. Then I remembered that the joke wasn’t really about me or my outfit. It was simply just a joke for some much needed laughter during the workday.

So if your outfit earns an unwanted comment, it’s not about you. It’s about them. Period. Whether the comment was meant as mean, or a joke – it’s not a real reflection of how you actually look. I know that words can still hurt emotionally. But, if you turn your mindset around and brush it off, think of a few positive thoughts and affirmations, the ability to express yourself freely will be the ultimate reward.

Your ensemble is an expression of who you are, so you should never be ashamed of that. If you love what you are wearing, that is all that matters! I hope these 3 affirmations help you in the moments in which you find yourself feeling self-conscious in your outfit.

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