10 Petite Woman Approved Vacation Amazon Fashion Finds

Are you getting excited about vacation? There’s always room in the closet for some fresh beach-oriented clothing and accessories to make your getaway absolutely memorable!

I haven’t booked my next trip yet, but I hope to get a destination locked in soon!

In the meantime, I’m perusing through my Amazon orders to find you trendy and affordable vacation clothing and accessories from my petite point of view!

I am just under 5 feet tall, so I know how hard it can be to find the right garments that will fit a shorter frame, especially when in the market for some cute fashion items that give all the island vibes.

Here are my tested and tried vacation finds for petite women available on Amazon!

Note: These are items that I use and love. The products featured in this post are affiliate links, and if you click on them and conduct a purchase, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you, which helps support my blog.  

1. Drefbufy Denim Tiered Maxi Skirt

This maxi skirt is not heavy despite being made of denim. It pairs well with pretty much any top, and it can be styled as a tube top dress as well.

Michelle stands on a wooden staircase wearing a tiered denim broomstick skirt by Drefbufy.

2. The Tropical Maxi Dress

The tropical print of this extremely soft maxi dress immediately brings the mind to a hot sunny day on the beach with a cocktail in hand. It has pockets at the hips and it was not too long for my petite height. No hemming is needed!

Michelle walks through a trail in the park wearing a Beach Floral Maxi Dress. wearing

3. Cut-Out High Waisted Bikini

This bikini is so flattering on a tiny frame! It is on-trend with the cut-out detailing, and I found the material to be of good quality. It made me feel sexy, yet covered all of my self-conscious areas. The Amazon seller I originally got this from doesn’t seem to be offering it anymore, but I found one that looks identical.

4. Body Glove Bandeau Bikini

Though Amazon does not carry the print I have in this swimsuit style, it does have several solid colors from which to choose. The top and bottom must be ordered separately, which allows for more precise sizing options. I have a small in the bottoms, but they were a bit tight. You may want to size up for the bottoms.

The bandeau top has removable straps so that you can wear it as a bandeau or as a halter bikini top. This feature is ideal for avoiding shoulder tan lines while allowing you to go swimming without fear of the top slipping down.

A full body shot from a low camera angle of Michelle wearing a pink and green tropical print bandeau bikini by Body Glove, with a bright sky filled with clouds behind her.

5. White Retro 90’s Rectangle Sunglasses

As Lady Gaga says, “Take my picture, Hollywood!” Need I say more?

Michelle walks across a sandy beach wearing white retro rectangular sunglasses from Amazon Fashion and a peach colored one piece swimsuit by Roxxy.

6. Joseko Straw Crossbody Bag

This watermelon-shaped bag has a cute floral print lining on the inside and an adjustable shoulder strap – perfect for us short gals. It fits my iPhone 13 Pro perfectly, with room for lip balm and my cash. I don’t see the green available anymore, but it does come in off-white and brown.

Michelle sits on a wooden bench wearing black tights, a sherpa jacket, and brown boots while clutching her green watermelon shaped straw crossbody bag from Amazon Fashion.

7. Crocs Tulum Toe Post Sandal

Comfort is a must when it comes to sandals! These snakeskin Crocs got me through long walks on the boardwalk and sangria-filled dinners in style. If you have tiny feet, don’t worry! They offer as low as women’s size four. (Mine are a size 5). Turns out they are out of the snakeskin print, but they come in a variety of solid colors, as well as cheetah print!

Michelle stands on a beach in Avon, NC wearing Crocs Tulum Toe Post Sandal in Mushroom. She has on a pink frilly dress with a beige v-neck tank top over it.

8. Sanuk Yoga Gora Gora Sandal

Omg, these sandals are amazing! They also come in size 5, and they pair effortlessly with any outfit. The soles are literally yoga mats shaped to your feet!

Michelle steps down off of a wooden boat jungle gym wearing Sanuk Yoga Gora Gora Sandals. She has a palm leaf print camisole on over top a lace A-line dress.

9. Yellow Tassel Earrings

Go bold on your vacation with bright-colored tassel chandelier earrings that will make heads turn. Let them SEE you queen! Don’t hide behind your height.

Michelle smiles at the camera in a red dress and yellow tassel earrings next to her friend while holding a pink cocktail.

10. Kut from the Kloth Jean Shorts

This brand of jean shorts just fits in all the right places. You can style them with the frayed material at the hem, or roll them up to shorten the length. They come available in sizing as low as 00.

Michelle walks on the beach wearing jean shorts by Kut from the Kloth. She is holding a gray Coach handbag and has on a white and peach abstract tank top.

That’s my petite vacation Amazon find round-up for now! Let me know if I should do a round 2?

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